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Labels Brought to Life as GIFs

While there isn’t necessarily a practical use to these GIFs, Trevor Carmick has created some eye-catching and awe-inspiring animated GIFs of some of his favorite beers. It offers another look at otherwise flat design. This will hopefully inspire other designers and brands to explore additional realms of design to show us just what could happen when our favorite icons come to life.




Playful Barcode Designs

The barcode has been an unexplored terrain up until now. Fortunately, Japanese design firm, D-Barcode, has broken through the monotonous straight lines and shown us just what can be accomplished with barcodes. This additional retail space is the perfect space for fun, colorful advertising and creative designs. More brands and designers are slowly picking up on the trend, so we are hoping to see a spike in unique barcode designs in the coming months.


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Origins of Symbols

Have you ever wondered what those little UI symbols mean – like the power button, Bluetooth symbol, and command button? Where did they come from? Well, Shuffle Magazine has examined just that. Along with providing an explanation on the impressive symbol designs, the website itself is also noteworthy. Each symbol is proudly displayed on its own colored background and the site is clean, visually striking, and a great example of simplicity at its best.


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A Look Into Car UX

Geoff Teehan’s recent post on in-car UI/UX was eye opening. He made a case for just how bad car interface design is, regardless of what type of vehicle you have. In a world of simplified apps and user interfaces, the auto industry has made things more complicated for the driver. Teehan has also taken to Twitter to raise some awareness on just how bad present (and future) automotive UIs are shaping up to be. His posts have resonated with auto and design experts alike, calling for an industry-wide change to in-car UI. Fortunately, Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) are currently exploring ways to integrate better systems and in-car experiences, giving us more to look forward.


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Every Hey

These instantly recognizable icons were created using simple, colorful vector images. The Barcelona-based design studio, Hey, is responsible for the colorful geometric icons. Lately, Hey has been releasing about one illustration per day on their Instagram. The design studio continues to find new characters that speak to their fans and are highly viral. They offer the perfect example of just what can be done with simple vector images and a lot of creativity.


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