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“Our development of Pro Tools was driven primarily by user feedback,” explained chief marketing officer, Jeff Titterton when asked what role user feedback played in developing Pro Tools. Titterton elaborated, “We interviewed hundreds of our advanced users and these features were consistently requested.”

Notably among Pro Tools’ services are enhanced privacy features such as private contests, that are hidden from search engines and the general public—though still viewable by the 99designs community under a non disclosure agreement (NDA), and blind contests where designers in the same competition are not able to view each other’s work. Other features include invitation-only contests that let users choose and invite the designers they would like to participate in their contests, custom NDAs for customers with unique privacy requirements and white label presentations that allow 99designs customers to compile and share competing designs under their own brand.

Asked to share his thoughts on what the greatest benefit of Pro Tools is for clients and designers, Titterton replied, “The streamlined white-label presentation and feedback tool provides a great deal of benefit to both clients and designers. For clients, it enables our customers to share design presentations quickly with stakeholders and seamlessly provide feedback to designers. Designers receive feedback more quickly and consolidated from all stakeholders, making design revisions much easier.”

The attraction of the NDA feature for clients is obvious but raised the question if there was a similar NDA option for designers to protect designs that are rejected from being used unscrupulously. When asked Titterton responded, “Designers already have protection of their copyright ownership under 99designs’ terms of use. Designers own all copyright of designs they create until their design is awarded as a winner. If a customer were to use a design they hadn’t awarded unscrupulously, he would be in violation of the designers’ copyright ownership.”

In his statement expressing excitement about the Pro Tools launch, 99designs president and CEO, Patrick Llewellyn said “We look forward to working closely with our Pro Tools customers in coming months to further expand and refine the offering.”

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