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Additionally, collaborative and community aspects of Creative Cloud, such as integration with Behance have evolved into a more robust “persistent creative profile” that allows users to access and manage files, fonts, colors and community from anywhere, across devices.

Citing results from The New Creatives Report (issued June 16), Scott Morris, Senior Marketing Director, Creative Cloud, explained how the new updates directly responded to “factors impacting the way creatives work today”—the rapid pace of change, the explosion of mobile and a super-connected world. Morris also talked about the impact of mobile as not being “just a proliferation of devices” but as “a desire for creatives to do serious creative work on mobile devices.”

1_Adobe 2014 CC Release

Adobe Creative Cloud Release 2014
Image Courtesy of Adobe

Asked if this release was “setting a future tone,” Morris replied that while they have been “delivering constant content through Creative Cloud, they did choose to coordinate releases based on customer and partner feedback (plug-in developers, authors, trainers)” adding “We wanted to provide a way to give people an annual marker.” Highlights of a few of the updates follow. Stay tuned for more in-depth details and information on Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography Plan to come.

Creative Cloud Desktop Apps

2_Adobe CC 2014 Desktop Apps

Adobe Creative Cloud 2014
Desktop Apps
Image Courtesy of Adobe

Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and InDesign CC
Upgrades to favorite photo editing powerhouse Photoshop CC include Blur Gallery motion effects for creating a sense of motion, Focus Mask for portraits with shallow depth of field and new Content-Aware capabilities and Perspective Warp that lets the user apply a perspective adjustment to a specific part of their image. Also in this release—improved Mercury Graphics Engine performance and Layer Comps that allow you to sync changes across layers, as well as boosted performance on Windows 8 Touch devices such as Microsoft Surface 3.

Vector lovers and layout geeks fear not, Illustrator CC and InDesign CC have new capabilities too. Ilustrator CC now has live corners, which lets users change rectangles into complex shapes and then back again with just a few clicks and faster rendering of graphics with GPU acceleration on Windows (with an Adobe certified NVIDIA graphics card). In InDesign CC, users can now drag and drop rows and columns within tables and use EPUB Fixed Layout to create digital books.

Muse CC, Dreamweaver CC and Flash Pro CC
Muse CC users can look forward to 64-bit support and HiDPI display along with the ability to optimize and preview desktop, mobile and tablet versions of their site and Element Quick View in Dreamweaver CC makes it easier to see, navigate and modify the HTML structure of pages. In Flash Pro CC, any frame in a Flash project can now be exported as an SVG file using SVG Export.

AfterEffects CC and Premiere Pro CC
On the video front, new features in After Effects CC and Premiere Pro CC include Live Text Templates and Masking and Tracking.

Mobile Tools

3_Adobe Ink Slide Apps

Adobe Creative Cloud 2014
Adobe Ink and Adobe Slide
Image courtesy of Adobe

Especially exciting (and potentially taking aim at the graphic tablet market) was the announcement of three new mobile apps to connect Creative Cloud to iPad and two new pieces of hardware.

The new apps include Adobe Sketch, a “social sketching app for free-form drawing;” Adobe Line “for precision drawing and drafting;” and Adobe Photoshop Mix, which Morris described as bringing “some of most powerful features in desktop to mobile delivered via cloud services.”

Directly complementing the new apps are Adobe Ink, a sleek three-sided aluminum stylus designed for “controlled, precision drawing” and Adobe Slide, a three-inch digital ruler for creating “straight lines, perfect circles and balanced shapes.”

With these apps and hardware, turning an iPad into a powerful graphics tablet connected to all one’s assets on the go is a logical next step and questions quickly arose about making the apps and hardware for Android and other formats. Morris didn’t discount the possibility, stating that it would be evaluated based on customer demand.

Creative Cloud desktop tools are immediately available to members as part of their membership and the new mobile apps are free to everyone hereTo download free trials of any of the Creative Cloud desktop apps visit: You can also join the creative conversation at

Thoughts on the new Creative Cloud desktop tools, apps or hardware? Post a comment and let us know!