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Every week showcases a few of the most appreciated graphic design projects on Behance. Designers are always looking for inspiration and are always interested in seeing the work of others. On Behance, appreciations are a way to send genuine kudos to another creative. You might have seen the recent post showcasing the work of Michael Turner, Scott Lambert and Alex Fowkes. It can be viewed here.

Here are last week’s 3 most appreciated graphic design projects:

Futuracha the font (free)


FuturachaTheFont2.jpgFuturacha the font (free), Odysseas Galinos – Paparounis

Odysseas Galinos – Paparounis is from Athens, Greece with a passion for typography and package design. This particular project “Futuracha” is a display font designed during his third year in graphic design school. The name is the combination of words futura and cucaracha (cockroach in Spanish). He graduated with honors in graphic design in 2012 and has since been working at Mousegraphics, a company specializing in packaging design. You can also take a look at Wu Design Lab which is where he promotes his work as a freelance designer. This is where you can see some of the work he does in his free time.

Google Earth / Maps Engine desktop logo refresh by Roger Oddone


GoogleEarth2.jpgGoogle Earth / Maps Engine desktop logo refresh

Roger Oddone, Senior Graphic Designer at Google in San Francisco was given the challenge of refreshing the desktop logos for Google Earth and Google Maps Engine. The full project can be viewed here and to see more of his work you can see his profile on Behance. Before working at Google, Roger founded and directed his own design studio focused on corporate identity development in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Delahaye Hand-lettering by BMD Design


DelahayeHandLettering2.jpgDelahaye Hand-lettering,  BMD Design

Founded in Bordeaux, France in 2001, BMD Design works in several fields of graphic design, such as typography (hand lettering), visual identity (logo), signage, publishing (posters, brochures, advertisements) with a specialization in textile graphic design. Some amazing typography for Delahaye who recreates beautiful cars.

There was some truly amazing graphic design work last week. So the question now is which do you like best and why?