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Bongo Comics Group is a lesser-known Comic Book publishing company established in 1993 by Steve and Cindy Vance, Bill Morrison and Simpsons and Futurama creator Matt Groening. They publish comics related to the animated television series The Simpsons and Futurama along with original material.

It was named after Bongo, a rabbit character in Groening’s comic strip Life In Hell. Long time Art Director Nathan Kane has now been promoted to Creative Director, replacing Bill Morrison, who is still rumored to be working on secret side projects with Groening. The company has introduced a new brand image. The new designs include a new logo and new comic title redesigns.

Notice how the old logo dominates the images above

This particular revamp tugs at my heart. Sure Bongo is not the biggest comic book company in the world. They may not have Superhero’s with deep voices and manly statures like DC or Marvel. The current logo looks like it could back up both of their Superhero’s combined. Making the logo more fun would make sense considering what Comics are on the shelves for them. After all these comics are meant to make you laugh.
Great idea. Bad execution…

The previous Bongo mark is so beautiful. My brother and I used to read Krusty Comics back in 95’ (which is no longer in) and I still remember thinking about how intense looking their logo was. This is the type of logo I would want a huge sculpture replica of sitting proudly in the terrace of The Bongo corporate office building.

I love the way the previous lettering is at an angle and in white, yellow and black overlaying the red circle with yellow text. All not to mention in impeccable font choices. The subtle way that the “Comics Group” is leaning left is a nice touch. Speaking of 1995, The new logo looks like something that was done in Print Shop Deluxe in the following order:

1. Add awkward shape.

2. Rotate awkward shape.

3. Add “Bongo” text in random font and place inside shape.

4. Add “Comics” in random font, add below the shape.

5. Throw away 17 year strong iconic logo and treat the rebrand so poorly that you come out with a drawing of your lead character eating the old brand name logo. Let’s not forget that floating above him is the huge new logo with bevel treatment with a bootleg shine effect on the top. The only thing the new logo has going for it is that it looks somewhat vintage, and now you want to bevel it!?


I just don’t understand what the motivation for this change was. Just because it’s new doesn’t make it better. I understand updating the logo to reflect the digital age and all that but I think they really missed the mark on this. It could be that they are tagging along with other recent Comic Book retailers rebrands, such as DC Comics. Along with the logo they changed the titles of many of their comic books. One of the most painful things that I see is that they changed the iconic “The Simpsons” text and updated it to some generic new font choice. Why on earth would you do that?

I’m a huge Simpsons fan and it is disappointing to see the guys behind it making such poor branding choices. At least The Simpsons People are awesome enough to take a pay cut just to keep the show on the air. I don’t even want to begin to imagine a world without The Simpsons.

I wanted to get an expert opinion on the matter, someone from the Comic Book Industry and what better man than The Comic Book guy himself? Here’s what he had to say on the matter.


There you have it.

Maybe the struggle for ideas that Groening has admitted to for The Simpsons series is being reflected here.

Jean and Groening confessed during the Comic-Con panel that they often struggle to come up with fresh ideas after two decades on air, but are already considering plots for the show’s final season – including one which plays with the Simpson family’s previously static ages

Jean said: “It’s never easy. The hardest thing after 500 episodes is thinking of new ideas. We sit around the room going ‘did that, did that’. It’s not easy and we take it very seriously.”

Groening added: “We may [age the characters] when we run out of ideas. That may be the last sad season. Bart will turn 11.”
Digital Spy

Below are some excerpts and the full guide released by Bongo introducing the new Brand Image.




Brand Trashing Imagery similar to Homer Eating the previous Bongo Logo.