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Caava Design are a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio based in San Diego, California. Established by founder Cody Small, they believe “design is the fundamental tool for helping people connect and communicate effectively”. Before establishing Caava Design Cody Small worked with clients such as Starbucks, World Vision, WD-40 and Westfield. He feels that “simple, functional design enables brands to develop their visual story”. Since setting up the business, branding creations have included work for Whoa Nelly Catering, Arrow Leather Works and Anika London.

CS Intro Image Brand Retrospective

Brand Retrospective – Cody Small

Here at, the work of Caava Design really caught our eye. We spoke to Cody Small, asking him all about Caava Design’s favorite project, a collaboration with the Old Harbor Distilling Company…

CS Image 1

Old Harbor Distilling Co Main Logo – Cody Small

You are a multi-disciplinary design studio; tell us about how your company began?

I started Caava as a side-project for doing freelance work while working full-time at an agency here in San Diego. Being used to working on projects for global companies in my day-job, I discovered the best part of my Caava work was the intimacy of working with passionate small businesses and individuals. Soon things started to pick up for Caava and I left my full time job to grow Caava to pursue the ideal of working with smaller, more nimble groups.

What is your vision for Caava Design?

First, continuing to be a solid creative problem solving branding studio for small to medium size businesses. Second, we want to put a heavy emphasis on web interactivity. Working hard to give our clientele relevant and cutting-edge websites is top priority. Internally, we want to keep our own team small and strong, no more than 5 people. Developing a tight-knit camaraderie and fun company culture will allow us to deliver fresh, inspiring solutions to our clients, giving them the absolute most bang for their buck.

CS Image 2

Old Harbor Distilling Co Logo Icon – Cody Small

You have worked on a vast array of design projects- to date which has been your favorite?

Old Harbor Distilling Company in San Diego, California has definitely been my favorite. They are one of the only distilleries in SD currently and are smartly establishing themselves there before a huge distilling boom hits southern California. Still an active client, we’ve already completed their branding, bottle design, and holding page. Still to come, their website and various other collateral pieces. We’ve really had the opportunity to just go crazy on this project and the result has been awesome.

CS Image 3

Old Harbor Distilling Co Bottle Mock-up – Cody Small

CS Image 4

Old Harbor Distilling Co Spirit Symbol Family – Cody Small

Where do you gather the inspiration for your work?

Behance Network is a HUGE source of inspiration. In my opinion, the best creatives in the world are on there making amazing things. The work I’ve seen come out of Behance, I believe, is paving the way to new style and trends in the design industry.

If you could pick one designer or brand, who would you most like to collaborate with in the future?

Brad Surcey (@bsurcey) Design Director & Partner at Zeus Jones. I’ve always admired that guy’s work.

Caava Design’s work for Harbor Distilling Company highlights the enthusiastic ethos of this creative company. Their small, tight-knit team project a determined passion for design into all collaborations, with inspirational and innovative end results.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Caava Design. What are your favorite pieces from their portfolio?

CS Image 5

Old Harbor Distilling Co Screenshot – Cody Small

Check out Cody Small on here.