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It was the collaboration of Brazilian street artist Speto with a Leeds based Design Studio that made this design identity happen. Creative Review have a fantastic interview with Coca-Cola’s global design head James Sommerville. Sommerville covers everything from how the project came about to some great explanations on the process of the designs. He explains to Creative Review: “Early on in the project, after a few days of sketching, we were not making significant progress on the logo until one night, I’d sketched on a napkin a quick thought centered around a group of friends playing and watching football, all within the Coca-Cola contour bottle. The following day Speto took the napkin and turned my sketch into an architecturally structured logo. The seed was then sown on the idea and after many, many iterations the final logo was created and called; ‘The Togetherness Logo'” (see below).


‘The Togetherness Logo’


Coca-cola vending machine on one of the platforms in Sao Paulo
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Sommerville explained to “We believe it’s a little bit more representative of the culture rather than the icons of the country…I think we will stand out because what we’ve tried to do is carve out a story around these characters and stories and the way they play football differently”.


Coca-Cola Mini Bottles

If you take a look at the country specific bottles you will see that each country uses the colours from its flag. He goes on to explain that the identity “would illustrate a unique blend of Football & Brazil & Coca-Cola”.


Country specific bottle designs

Suns and Sunrays

What do you think of the brand identity? Do you think they’ve done a good job of illustrating “a unique blend of Football & Brazil & Coca-Cola”?