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Since it started 522,033 ideas have been submitted and 4,735 designs commissioned. Designs are scored by the community, and successful artists will receive payment for their work.

Categories on the site include Guys, Girly, Kids and Home & Kitchen. Within each area there is a great variety of bold and vibrant designs to suit every type of customer.

They certainly caught our eye here at– we spoke to Threadless to find out a little bit more…

Tell us about the inspiration for

Threadless was founded as a way to provide more opportunity to independent artists. Our goal is to keep opening doors and giving artists the chance to get their work out there. We have also fostered an incredible artist community through the forums of our site, which has been a great tool and asset for artists hoping for peer critics of their work, as well as a place to broaden their skill set.

dot to dot girlyDot To Dot Girly Design Courtesy of Threadless

What kind of designs have been featured on Threadless so far?

Because there is such a wide array of artists with different style participating on Threadless, we have designs that cover nearly all aesthetics. There are a lot of pop culture references, parody, and lightheartedness going on in a good chunk of the Threadless catalog, but there are also many designs that feature dark, intricate, and ornate works as well. Oh, and cats. People love cat tees.

electric-scootaloo-guysElectric Scootaloo Guys Design Courtesy of Threadless

How did the site become such a success?

Mostly through word of mouth, we are very active on our social channels, and artists promoting the work that they have up for scoring or for sale on

friday-im-in-love-girlyFriday Im In Love Girly Design Courtesy of Threadless

What designs are currently popular on Threadless?

Mister Mittens Big Adventure by Joe Van Wetering
For Cats, Shoes are Wormholes to Other Universes by Jerrod Landon Porter
Magic Bacon Ride by George Otsubo
The Greatest Spectacle Ever by Emanoel Melo
A Pixel of My Childhood by Adam Jhesu Rufino Nakamura

Threadless is an innovative and exciting site which encourages design talent and inspires its online community. There are so many spectacular pieces of art for members to enjoy that it is impossible not to get involved. We shall be keeping a keen eye on the work displayed over at!

Participate with and score designs HERE. Which is your favorite?