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Many from his daily collection have a story – for example it might be influenced by something that has happened such as an event like the world cup or in memory of someone. Day 526 is of Tony Gwynn and Chinworth explains: “So sad to hear that Tony Gwynn passed away yesterday. One of my favorite big leagers as a kid and probably one of the best hitters to ever play the game. RIP #19”. Day 503 is called “Lost Cabin 14 (The End)” which he then explains is a complete graphic story. Some days he gives himself a challenge – day 517 he explains “Tried something new today (basically because I had no time). Make a super speed design live listening to a song. Today’s Song was Radiohead’s “2+2=5”. This design was created in only 3 min. 21 sec. – the running time of the song. It was a blur but a fun challenge!”.

What do you think of this collection? What in his work stands out to you?


Day 528 “Coasting Downhill (GIF)” by Matt Chinworth

Day_526_Tony Gwynn_Matt Chinworth

Day 526 “Tony Gwynn” by Matt Chinworth

Day 524_Jesus_Loves_Soccer_Matt_Chinwort

Day 524 “Jesus Loves Soccer (GIF)” by Matt Chinworth


Day 517 “2+2=5” by Matt Chinworth

Day_503_Lost_Cabin _4_(The End)_ Matt Chinworth

Day 503 “Lost Cabin 14 (The End)” by Matt Chinworth

Day_463_Clowne_Towne_Matt Chinworth

Day 463 “Clowne Towne” by Matt Chinworth

Matt explains the following regarding the next image: “My brother Luke went to Vegas for a week long work trip and kept a journal. This is the LAST ONE. To read the story behind this picture check out DrawDistance”.


Day 438 “Las Vegas Diaries: Epilogue” by Matt Chinworth

Day 454_Final_Four_Matt_Chinwort

Day 454 “Final Four” by Matt Chinwort

Day_424_Bird_Gym_by Matt_Chinworth

Day 424 “Bird Gym” by Matt Chinworth


Day 329 “wink” by Matt Chinworth

Day_290_Breaking_Bad_Finale_Matt Chinworth

Day 290 “Breaking Bad Finale” by Matt Chinworth


Day 262 “Tulsa’s Expo Square Pavilion” by Matt Chinworth

Day 236 “HEY” by Matt Chinworth

Day 236 “HEY” by Matt Chinworth


Day 207 “Quiet” by Matt Chinworth


Day 180 “ABC” by Matt Chinworth


Day 151 “Don’t Worry, The Future Will Be Better” by Matt Chinworth

Day _22_Smog_Matt_Chinworth

Day 122 “Smog” by Matt Chinworth

Day_90_Last Names_Matt_Chinworth

Day 90 “Last Names” by Matt Chinworth


Day 86 “Buffalo ‘66” by Matt Chinworth


Day 60 “The Wonder Years” by Matt Chinworth


Day 4 “One Heart, One Love, One Voice” by Matt Chinworth