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Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself taken several years ago? Odds are, you thought, “Oh geez. Look at my hair and clothes. What was I thinking?” When we look back at our Web work it’s a similar scenario. Animated gifs doing goofy things and other strangeness. Then, along came Flash.


Flash opened the doors to the additional dimensions of movement, time and sound. Motion designers, such as the late, great Hillman Curtis , showed us what could be done with this wondrous application. Suddenly, our design work came alive.


HTML5 Gives Birth To Visme

It was an exciting time of creativity and experimentation. But, the Web moves at the speed of light. Well, it does when you’ve got a good connection, anyway. Users moving from desktop to mobile was something of a deathblow to our ‘ole friend Flash. Fortunately for graphic and motion designers, those fun-lovin’ folks at W3C came up with the fifth incarnation of HTML, and, HTML5 is the foundation of Visme,
the brainchild of Payman Taei and the team at HindSite Interactive.


Payman Taei
Hindsite/ Visme Founder

Visme was incubated out of HindSite Interactive, a web design/development agency,” said Taei. He added, “It was created as a result of our frustration with the exit of Flash due to its lack of adoption in the mobile ecosystem. Initially it was to simply allow designers to create animations that are Web and mobile friendly, since it’s content is entirely HTML5-based it will display on any device without need for plugins such as Flash.”

Designers can think of Visme as something of a Swiss Army knife for developing rich visual content – be it a presentation; infographic; short animation; web banner or simply a static rich graphic. Since Visme is based in HTML5, there’s no need to deal with funky plugins. Plus, it plays nice with any modern browser as well as digital environment such as smart phones, tablets and, of course, desktops and laptops.


Have a sneak peak of Visme in action in 90 seconds.

Sound like yet another difficult thing to learn?

Fear not. Visme is anxiety-free and was developed to be a [visual] snap. The application is very intuitive so designers (and non-designers, for that matter) can jump right in and begin their project without needing to know a line of code.

Payman noted, “Designers can rely heavily on Visme to create more engaging content; faster and more efficiently than before. From a graphic design aspect, a designer can begin with Visme’s available themes or start from a blank page, choose the exact dimension of the canvas then create and customize the content to fit their exact needs.”


Visme Interface

Handy? You betcha.

Designers can expect total control with Visme. Given that most designers are control freaks pretty much by definition, this will come as a welcome feature. As a designer, there’s nothing I loathe more than “helpful” software that makes decisions for me. Suggestions are fine, but hard line design decisions, well … not so much. HindSite’s software is a breath of fresh air in that every item, element and asset within a Visme project can be customized to a designer’s heart’s content. Thank you, HindSite.


Visme Interface

Speaking of design project assets, Visme comes with some to get your project moving in the fast lane. According to their site, Visme comes with a boat load. Like millions. You read that right. Millions with an “m.” If you’re like me and ever spent way, way too much time searching site after site for that “just right” image, you’ll be happy … delighted even … that Visme offers millions of free images for your gig. There’s that “m” word again. These folks seem to be obsessed with providing Visme users with millions of project assets, giving designers the creative ammo they need to develop a memorable project. Visme also has tons of fonts (in several languages). What designer isn’t a font freak? Welcome to Font Nirvana, have a nice typographic day. Oh, and the Visme folks have your vector addiction covered, too.

Turning Boring Into Beautiful Within Your Budget

You know the ropes. A client calls with a project. You meet, only to discover it’s a data-intense, number-crunching nightmare presentation project that makes your eyes glaze over. Before you start to imitate the proverbial deer in the headlights, run back to your office, fire up Visme and tap into its custom-built infographic widgets, charts and graphs and other nifty tools. You’ll quickly visualize your client’s boring-to-death data as dynamic, engaging content that their audience is going to love.
So, right about now, you’re likely thinking, “Sounds great, but how much is Visme going to set me back?” Relax. It’s free. “Free? Really? Er … are these folks crazy or simply extraordinarily philanthropic?” Here’s the financial low-down:

Visme Basic – Free with limited features

  • Up to 3 Projects
  • Visme Brand on Projects
  • 100 MB Storage Space
  • Publish or Download as JPG
  • Public Projects

Visme Standard – from $4.50/month with most premium features

  • Up to 15 Projects
  • No Visme Brand on Projects
  • 250 Megs Storage
  • Also Download as PDF, HTML5
  • All Charts & Infograph Widgets
  • Public Projects
  • Premium Support

Visme Complete – from $14.25/month with all premium features

  • Unlimited Projects
  • No Visme Brand on Projects
  • 1 GB Storage
  • Also Download as PDF, HTML5
  • All Charts & Infograph Widgets
  • Private & Public Projects
  • Collaboration
  • Premium Support

Realistically, most designers would likely start with a free account to get a feel for the product. That’s certainly understandable. But, I’m pretty sure those same designers will opt to upgrade to the Standard or Complete package once they learn what Visme can do for their business, their bottom line and their clients’ projects.

HindSite’s Interactive Creative Designer, summed it up pretty well when he said, “This is HTML on steroids! The perfect replacement for Flash, and Powerpoint. It’s the best of both worlds. Supported on every device mobile for web. It’s light, quick and easy to use. ‘Nough said. Just try it!”

Visme in action in 90 seconds: