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Duffy & Partners felt that “the truth would be far better at differentiating itself amongst the competition and resonate with today’s consumer.” Duffy created an entirely new brand language, packaging, P.O.S materials, business and promotional materials and signage for this environmentally friendly kitchen products company which was established in 2003.

The work of Epicurean to date has provided an innovative approach to the kitchenware market by developing a selection of wood-based products such as chopping boards and utensils. These products are all made using environmentally friendly and durable materials and high standard craftsmanship. Duffy & Partners ask us to think of brand identity as a family crest, stating that their final result is “honest and true” to Epicurean.

Joseph Duffy IV explains; “If you ever get the chance to meet the owners, you’ll know that this fits their personalities. It also relates much closer to their sister brand Loll and sets up a better framework should they choose to expand beyond those two companies.”

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Duffy & Partners

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Duffy & Partners

The new tagline Duffy & Partners created for Epicurean is, “Heart of the Kitchen”, a mantra which is a firm nod to the founders of the business and their love for design, passion for alternative materials and their emphasis upon the importance of food preparation. Within this brand identity, the e in Epicurean represents a kitchen utensil, a definitive symbol of the brand. In addition, iconography is used to emphasize Epicurean’s story which originates from Duluth, Minnesota. The overall design comprises of a classic, modern and eco-inspired naturalistic approach, which further outlines the ethos and personality of Epicurean.

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Duffy & Partners

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Duffy & Partners

Duffy & Partners have created a savvy, striking brand identity for Epicurean, with their favorite part being the patterns involved. Joseph Duffy says, “we created each icon to represent their actual products as well as symbols to suggest being made in Duluth, Minnesota”. This project encapsulates the brilliance of both Duffy & Partners and Epicurean- a sure fire sign of true design success.

What is your favorite part of the collaboration?

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Duffy & Partners