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Unlike the previous Adobe Creative Suite, you do not have to buy the new updated versions in DVDs anymore. As an Adobe Creative Cloud paid member, you will find the updated versions appear in the Adobe CC client in your computer toolbar. All the user needs to do is to click on the Download button to install the application directly on your system. You do not need to worry about the Windows or Mac versions anymore, as the Adobe Creative Cloud detect the operating system and the preferred application language and download it based on your preferences.

Photoshop is one of Adobe major products that are commonly used in different industries. Therefore, the company keeps updating these applications to fulfill the market needs and feature requests. In this article, we will explore the new features in Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 and if it is really helpful for designers and photographers.

Better Selection with Focus Area

While the previous quick selection enabled designers to select parts in the image easier than before, the new Focus Area feature gives even more capability to easy and smartly create a selection. When you apply the Focus Area from the Select menu, Adobe Photoshop detects the area that need to be selected. You can use the Focus Area Add tool and Focus Area Subtract tool to add or remove parts from the selection.

After creating the selection, you can output selected area as a selection, new layer, layer mask, new layer with layer mask, new document or new document with layer mask.


Smarter Smart Guides

If you are familiar with Adobe Illustrator, you would notice that smart guides are very handy for designer and artists to ensure accuracy and provides visual guide for how to place and align elements together. Until the latest version of Photoshop, this feature was not available and it was hard to estimate the position of elements and the alignment between each other visually.

The new Smart Guides feature display guidelines while moving an object in the document to indicate the space between it and other objects and how it aligns with the rest of the elements in the document. Smart Guides are activated by default and you can choose to display or hide from the View menu and select Show> Smart Guides.


Wide Variety of Fonts Through Typekit

Adobe Typekit is a service for Adobe Creative Cloud members that allows them to easily search for new fonts and install it directly to their computer through the Adobe Creative Cloud tool. All you need to do is to go to the Assets tab in the Adobe Creative Cloud menu and choose Add Fonts from Typekit. In the Typekit website, you can click on the font to preview and install it to the local computer by choosing Use Font.

In Adobe Photoshop CC 2014, the fonts menu includes a direct link to the Typekit that provides access to the fonts website to navigate for fonts and use it inside Photoshop or any other application.


Easily Search for Fonts

In the older versions of Photoshop, finding the best font for the design can take time especially if there are many fonts installed to the computer. The new version of Photoshop allows you to easily preview the fonts by simply rolling over the chosen font. When you place the mouse over the font the selected text in the document reflects these changes to be able to see how the font looks like in the design.


Smart Objects Become Smarter

By converting the layer content to smart object, you can preserve its original quality and easily modify the smart object as external document. These changes are reflected to all layers that include this specific smart object. However, the new updates in the smart objects allow you to update or replace the smart object content with external objects from other files. You can also change the status of the smart object by linking it to the external source or embed it in the document.


When you select the smart object layer, you can go to Layer>Smart Objects and choose any of the available new options that turn the smart object to be more effective than before.

Additionally, you can place resources in the Photoshop document as linked or embedded. While the linked features allow you to have lower document size, you need to embed the resources in order to send the document to another computer or team member.


Creative Blur Gallery

Adobe Photoshop is remarked with the filter gallery especially blur filters that can be used to achieve different of motion and blur effects. In the new version of Photoshop, the Filter menu includes a Blur Gallery to test and apply different blur effects to photos.


Additionally, there are two new blur filters added to the list. The first one is the Path Blur that gives more control on the directional blur and allows you to create a path that apply the direction to the blur, and the second is the Spin Blur that allows you to control the radial blur size, intensity and direction.
More 3D Printing Capabilities

More 3D Printing Capabilities

The 3D printing is a new feature that was added to Adobe Photoshop earlier this year. The new release includes even more enhancements. You can see how Photoshop repair the 3D model meshes and get accurate render before printing the model. The new version provides support for more 3D printers and service providers.


Enhanced Adobe Camera Raw 8

Adobe Camera Raw becomes an essential tool for photographer to modify the images even if it was not taken in Raw format. The new updated Camera raw 8 includes more enhancements such as healing images, fixing image perspective and creates vignettes with high precision. Also, it allows using interactive histogram.


And More…

In addition to the above major features, the new Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 includes other enhancements such as the enhanced workflow process that allows work faster and smarter in projects, intelligent upsampling, Adobe Generator enhancements, and improved support for Windows 8.1 Stylus and expanded Mercury Graphics Engine.


Along with every Photoshop update, there are new features that are designed to fulfill the designers and photographers’ professional needs. The new Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 includes large number of new features and updates that target the workflow in order to help better working with the application.

Some Photoshop users may find these tools useful and handy in their workflow and others may have other opinions. In order to get the most out of this article, we would like to hear your opinion about the recent updates which feature is most useful in your own work as designer or photographer.