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Designers around the world have been busy and today I will showcase some of the package design that many have probably seen in the shops, restaurants and online. From world cup posters to clothing, from street art to an artist transforming them self into the world cup trophy, the world of design has been busy. Social media is going crazy with everything world cup related – not only are the soccer fanatics happy but over the past month there has also been some outstanding design work that we have tried to showcase as much as possible on

Below are just some of the package designs that have stood out over the past few weeks. Which do you like best and why? And if there are any designs that you feel should be added to this list please mention them in the comments section under the article.

  1. Budweiser’s Limited Edition Gold Bottle
  2. Budweiser is the official beer sponsor of the Fifa World Cup 2014. They rolled out their promotional campaign “Rise As One” which included the release of this limited aluminum trophy gold bottle. It was introduced in more than 40 countries.


    Budweiser’s limited edition trophy bottle


    Budweiser’s limited edition trophy bottle

  3. Puma Tricks Collection Limited Edition Presentation Case
  4. Many will have seen some players wearing mismatched boots. Puma are the first to have created mismatched boots for their players and it was Everyone Associates who were asked to create the cases for each of their famous players.


    Puma FIFA World Cup™ 2014 Tricks Collection presentation cases
    Image via

  5. Cruzcampo Limited Edition Beer Cans
  6. Heineken launched these limited edition Cruzcapo beer cans for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil. It was global beer and can manufacturer Rexam who took this on board. The brand has sponsored the Spanish national team for a long while now and these cans celebrate this.


    Cruzcampo Limited Edition Beer Cans
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  7. McDonald’s Global French Fry Packaging
  8. If you have been to McDonald’s lately you will have seen their new package design (for the first time in its history they launched specially designed french fry packaging). I have to admit that the artwork is amazing and they did a good job – they were designed by 12 different artists from around the world who put together a uniqye street art visual for each pack.


    McDonald’s French Fry Packaging
    Image via the

  9. Head and Shoulder’s Mosaic Limited Edition Packaging
  10. The package design for this shampoo are portraits of the top Latin American soccer players. You will see that the series are mosaic illustrations using colours of the national flag. These were designed by the talented Charis Tsevis from Greece in collaboration with Creable.


    Limited Edition packaging of Head & Shoulders