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Graphic Design, like many computer based technical fields, is a career field that has been growing in popularity over the past decade. Graphic Designers can create visual artwork for websites, newspapers, magazines, books, CDs, advertising and just about everywhere else the eye can see. The variety of work and the never ending sources of employment make graphic design a rather popular choice for anyone looking to use creativity as a profession. For individuals looking to enter the graphic design industry, it is important to understand the type of work and the academic avenues required to jumpstart a graphic designer career. Ultimately, graphic designers can work either in-house for a company, freelance, or start their own business.

Individuals working in the field of Graphic Design really do have a lot of choices when it comes to finding a permanent position or freelance opportunities. Many graphic designers who like the stability of an in-house position can find satisfying employment by addressing the needs of clients the company has in place. Working for newspapers and magazines as well as record companies are just a few of the options an in house position can provide. On the other hand, many graphic designers will decide to go the freelance route and open their own business. This career path avails the designer not only the opportunities to build their own client base and foster productive relationships, but the ability to manage and promote their own business as well.

The great thing about studying Graphic Design is the opportunity to obtain an internship within companies who hire in-house graphic designers and artists. It is very appealing for many businesses to contract recent or soon-to-be graduates in order to train them in their graphic design department. This is very helpful for the students themselves as it is a great way to make connections in the industry and secure employment upon graduation from a graphic art school.

What kind of person enjoys a career in Graphic Design?

A good graphic designer is a creative individual; graphic design is all about using colors, composition and other characteristics of art and design in order to convey the brand of the business for which the artwork is made. Graphic designers need to be able to bring their own ideas to the table when discussing the ultimate result of the logo, artwork, and advertising, especially when it is created to meet customer need. It is also important for individuals employed in this field to be able to work under pressure and respect deadlines – this is especially true for freelance workers, as work may come sporadically and there is more than one client deadline to deal with each day.

What degrees are available in Graphic Design?

For anyone looking to study graphic design, there are a few different options that are made available, whether in art schools or regular 4-year degree-granting institutions.

Most universities will offer a bachelor of art degree with a major in Graphic Design. These programs cover the usual General Education requirements as well as offering the students courses on all the different computer programs that can be used for graphic design, colors, design principles, typography, production, and electronic imaging, just to name a few. Quite a few of these programs are even offered through online schooling.

For individuals who wish to attend art school, programs are available in highly reputable institutions that can provide students with the right creative environment and connections to succeed in the industry. A few of the more popular degrees are-

– Graphic Design
– Print Design
– Web Design
– Interactive Media Design
– Visual Communications
– Photography
– Advertising Design

What is the average salary for someone specializing in Graphic Design?

In-house Graphic Designer: $47,464
Freelance Graphic Designer: $40,000 to $150,000 +
Graphic Design Teacher: $70,000
Art Director: $94,185
Web Designer: $62,687
Creative Director: $97,917

What is the long-term job outlook for Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is considered one of the emerging majors of the 21st century. Employment opportunities for graphic designers are usually rather competitive and are all about which designers has the skill set and creativity the company is looking for, or who has the drive and determination to be their own boss. While the employment possibilities are growing faster than average, some designers are still struggling to find employment because of the competitive edge needed to succeed. The positive thing is that with the constant need for web advertising and website designing, most designers are able to find rewarding employment with a bit of perseverance.

From 2008 to 2010, the graphic design field has seen an increase of 13% of employment possibilities, which is within the average range for all occupations between those years. However, with the reduced availability of print publishing, job prospects are not as abundant in magazine and newspaper as opposed to anything technology based. Those candidates who have particular skills in website design and animation, along with demonstrable experience are able to set themselves apart from their competition and secure meaningful employment.