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Graphic Design and the Recession

Here in 2011 we’re all wondering just where this recession is heading. In order to make the best decision, one must connect the dots between the graphic design profession and the US economic recession. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that graphic design employment in the recession will be tougher than out of a recession. But just how much of an effect does a recession have on the graphic design industry? Well, according to some, graphic design can be recession proof. Graphic design could be recession proof because good graphic design can be seen as a necessity (or an inelastic good in economist terms). Few companies are going to launch their product without a graphic design project completed to go—a poor design would lose the company more money than they would spend by hiring a graphic designer.

A booming sector of graphic design is the internet. The constant increase in existing websites call for a constant flow of work from graphic designers. Not to mention the world is constantly taking more and more of the marketplace online –this also means more design jobs. So while we are in a recession, the influx of jobs from the booming internet sector makes a graphic design job not so bad. Video games and other multimedia influxes also create stable job security in the graphic design field.

Graphic Design IS competition

It is important to keep in mind that the employment numbers and statistics are estimates and averages for the whole industry. But depending on your skill level you may not need to even fret about things like a job outlook. Talented designers will always have work. Graphic design has an interesting scale of designers with different skill levels where the most talented always have design jobs and the rest do their best to keep jobs coming in. The take home lesson is if you don’t want to deal with problematic employment situations-–put out good designs! Be a reliable and quality designer and you will have no problem finding jobs. Word gets around. Periods of unemployment or lack of work should be used to work on your skills.

You MUST Market Yourself

There is so much business to be found via social marketing strategies like blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. It is a good idea to be involved in at least one of these. Potential employers will only know as much as you tell them about yourself—this means show off your work! A website is a necessity for a graphic designer. Showing off the correct pieces are absolutely the difference between “You’re hired” and “I’ll pass.”