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IFC airs in 73 million U.S. homes and select programming is available on and other platforms. They occupy a unique niche in the comedy spectrum and draw a loyal audience of followers on and off-air. (Source).
IFC recently completed a new brand identity in 2010, but were ready to add more depth, dimension, and height to their image.


Blake Callaway, IFC’s EVP of marketing and digital media, had this to say about the brand refresh: “After nearly four years it was time to give IFC a little facelift. The new brand design is not only a great look, but it also allows us to apply our uniquely offbeat sensibility to everything we do – show promotions, movie promos and even the boring stuff like ratings disclaimers will have our unique take.”


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The brand refresh came complete with a new logo, a new look (including on-air, online, and in print), and new on-air promotions. The new logo maintains the “slightly off” brand voice, while transforming the image with 3D graphics. Part of the purpose of the rebrand was to make a clear break from the brand’s legacy as the Independent Film Channel and raise some awareness about their new, expanded slate.


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A stamp system was designed to help organize, categorize, and brand content, insider language, top 5 lists, meme-like IDs, and more. A crisp, clear graphic language lets the “Slightly Off” voice shine through. Complete with hundreds of movies, 6 Original comedies, 3 colors, 2 typefaces, and one singing couch: IFC. (Source)


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Two typefaces were custom designed to work beautifully together. Each type came in a different size and has its own function. The Hero is ideal for quotes, titles, and punchlines, while The Sidekick offers commentary and context.


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In order to unify the digital and social platforms, all digital content needed to be clearly branded. The brand also needed to be translatable across any platform, maintaining the same impact with viewers.

Fortunately, Gretel, a New York-based design studio, was up to the task at hand. The updated logo and brand presence proves that the network really knows its audience. Gretel had this to say about their inspiration: “Slightly Off means we always look for the unexpected take. We speak plainly and call out things that don’t necessarily need calling out. We’re constantly listing, sorting, naming, quoting.

About the process, Gretel said, “We started with a thorough brand audit. We met with everyone: Marketing, On-Air, Off-Air, Digital, Social, Scheduling, Research, Programming… everyone. Each team knew their brand; even if it was on an intangible, emotional, instinctual level. There was a clear sense in every department of what felt like IFC and what didn’t. Our challenge was codifying that nebulous IFC-ness into brand tenets, guidelines and language.”