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London based creative Sophia Augusta illustrated the book, depicting different kinds of street food and putting her own statement stamp on the drawings featured. Pictures are simple and intricate, a stylish design combination. Here at we are fascinated by this fantastic journal, and the inspiration behind each piece of imagery, so we spoke to Sophia to find out more…

Street Food 1

Laurence King Publishing

Tell us about your fantastic illustrations in The Street Food Journal; how did this collaboration come about?

I met with Marc and Montse from Magma two years ago when we worked on the Dateless Diary together (also for Laurence King). They are so wonderful and we really enjoyed collaborating so I was very excited when they asked me to be a part of The Street Food Journal. Food is one of the most important things in my life. And food can be the best thing many days especially when combined with travel and finding gems and unexpected new tastes.

What was the design brief for the book’s illustrations?

The idea with the journal was to capture not just the variation and oddities of the treats around the world but also the atmospheres that are distinctive to different street foods and their environment.

Street Food 2

Laurence King Publishing

Street Food 3

Laurence King Publishing

Where did you gather inspiration for this artwork?

I did quite a bit of research for each street food to get a feel for the specifics of its preparation and presentation as well as the culture surrounding it. Usually from that I found a detail that really appealed to me which I wanted to capture visually.

If you could choose, which part of The Street Food Journal is your favourite?

I really enjoyed going to town on the intricacies of the starfish. A deep-fried starfish on a stick is quite an incredible thing.

Are you working on any new and exciting projects at the moment? Could you give us a sneak peek?

I’m currently working on a series of fabrics in collaboration with the hugely talented Emily Robertson. It’s all still very secret, but I hope to share soon.

Street Food 4

Laurence King Publishing

A combination of culinary tastes are charted across the pages of The Street Food Journal, all cleverly created by Sophia. The book entices taste buds, and tempts the reader to try new food and adventures. A strong partnership of creative talent, we can’t wait to see future upcoming projects from both Laurence King Publishing and Sophia Augusta.

Which are your favorite illustrations?

Laurence King Publishing

Laurence King Publishing

See more from Sophia over on her portfolio. View The Street Food Journal here.