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An article on Creative Market explains “”From the moment he joined the marketplace, Tom immediately stood out as someone to watch as he offered limited time sales on his products, killer bundle deals, and touted himself and his goods as “top sellers” in the marketplace. Not only that, but his product packaging is as bold as his personality and it’s this ability to stand out that has helped make his shop very successful on Creative Market”. If you take a peak at his shop you will see his numerous works.

From branding concepts to typography, from logo design to photography, from illustration to package design- Watkins has a vast design portfolio. Today however what stood out was his recent Animal Logo Project. Following the success of his Animal Logos Volume 1, he has recently created volume 2. You will see that his creations below (from volume 1) are logos of different animals but you will see that these have been formed by using basic shapes and minimalist techniques.


Animal Logos vol. 1 – Tom Anders Watkins


Animal Logos vol. 1 – Tom Anders Watkins


Animal Logos vol. 1 – Tom Anders Watkins


Animal Logos vol. 1 – Tom Anders Watkins

A month after volume 1 Watkins created his second series which consists of a jellyfish, deer, frog, pink pelican, bird and shark. Once again he uses simple graphic shapes and these are both personal works but also some were made for customers. It is hardly surprising that so far this month volume 2 is one of the most appreciated projects on Behance where you can see his work. With 6091 appeciations and 45,520 views so far this month this project is already getting the attention it deserves.


Animal Logos Vol 2 – Tom Anders Watkins