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The list of contributors really should be able to do justice to the original, and having seen some of the pieces it truly does look like it will be superb. Locust Moon explains to “Nearly all of the artists are folks we approached either as friends, or online, or at conventions. They all signed up to the project without much or any hesitation, after hearing about the mission and the chance to work on such a big canvas“. The aim is to publish Dream Another Dream this Autumn/Winter 2014 and it will be the same amazingly large size as the original with 16″ x 21″ broadsheet pages.


Cover, Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream

Here is a sneak peak of some of the work so far:

First up is Gerhard. Locust Moon explain “Our book features the computer-colored version. The difference between the two is quite interesting, I think — each evokes a pretty distinct feel“. Take a look at both the Hand-colored version of Gerhard’s page as well as the computer-colored version featured in comic below and see what you think. Gerhard on his website explains “first I started penciling at the wrong size and had to start over; then I drew it again when I inked it; then I did a computer coloring; then I added an extended border to it so that it would fit into the Nemo book; and now,finally, I’ve hand-colored the original ink drawing”.


Computer-colored version featured in comic


Hand-colored version of Gerhard’s page

Next up is J.G. Jones. Jones worked with colorist José Villarrubia on a 3-page Nemo story for the book. Locust Moon tells us: “The first page is this very open one setting the scene, and then the next two do wonderful things to break the scene down into panels in a very poetic, fourth-wall-breaking way“. Below are the original inks followed by José Villarrubia’s final digital colors for the first page. Locust Moons goes on to explain that the last image is the one they used as inspiration for the setting.


J.G. Jones
Original inks


José’s final digital colors for this first page


0riginal Nemo strip-used as inspiration for the setting

Peter Bagg’s is another popular and influential cartoonists whose best-known works over the last two decades have included comics such as Neat Stuff and Hate. Below you can see his black and white inks followed by his final contribution to “Dream Another Dream”.


Peter Bagge’s B&W inks


Peter Bagge

Here are a few more examples of the type of work that will be found in “Dream Another Dream” that Locust Moon have been working on over the past couple of years. It is at a stage where it is ready for print and this is where they need a little help – it’s to be printed on original broadsheet newspaper size (16″ x 21″), and it’s 144 pages long! To help Locust Moon reach their goal feel free to donate here: Depending the amount you donate you will be rewarded with an exclusive print to A copy of the book (144-page, 16″ x 21″ hardcover) and a bonus 8.5″ x 11″ Nemo puppet print by CAITLIN MCCORMACK.


Cole Closser
Panel 5


Panel by Dave Chisholm


Jeremy Bastian


David Petersen


Maria & Peter Hoey