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Although according to the Guardian there is no roll-out date yet for this wonderful new passport, Neue Design Studio are now working with Norway’s National Police Directorate to implement passport security requirements.

The Norwegian design studio created the winning entry of the national competition. You will see that the outside of the passport is minimalist featuring a red cover with the Norwegian crest. Below not only is there the red cover version but also a blue one (for diplomats) and a pale gray one (for immigrants).


Image: Neue Design Studio
Norwegian Passport Cover

According to Mashable, the jury explained its decision stating “”The design is attractive and stylish, the colors are subtle and abstraction of landscape is exciting,”. They went on to explain: “The proposal seems to be designed with great emphasis on the function of passports and ID cards… The concept is the competition’s most stylish solution… The jury appreciates the simplicity of the solution. ”

Below you will see that the new interior design of the Norwegian passport possesses really gorgeous simplified depictions of the country’s natural landscape. The landscape is drawn with fine lines and uses pastel colors.


Image: Neue Design Studio
Norwegian Passport interior design

The real magical touch is the following: When this is exposed to UV light, the pages transform to display the Northern Lights.


Image: Neue Design Studio

According to several sources the passport should be made available in the next year or two. It’s hardly surprising that social media sites are full of very positive opinions praising the new passport with comments such as “Please give me Norwegian citizenship right away. The design is awesome!”