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Thursday night Pantone® unveiled the recent addition to their color management arsenal at the Art Director’s Club in New York, PantoneLIVE™, “a cloud-based color service that provides instant access to essential brand color standards.” Held by the Advertising Production Club of New York in conjunction with the Art Director’s Club, the event marked a first time partnership for the two organizations. New APC President George Ashbrook said, “The APC are excited and privileged to collaborate with another of New York’s prestigious advertising organizations, the Art Director’s Club.

We thank Pantone for being the catalyst to bring us together and we hope for more partnership in the future.” Ashbrook gave opening remarks and welcomed the crowd before giving the stage to Matt McDowell, VP of National Sales, from Pantone. Ron Potesky, Senior VP and General Manager, Pantone, also said a few words and warmed up the audience by promising a special give away of the much coveted, Diamond Jubilee Pantone book recently created by Pantone and Leo Burnett London in commemoration of Queen Elizabeth’s 60 years as Monarch.

©Thomas Gotsch

A total of 215 graphic designers, production managers, graphics vendors, and senior management from APC and ADC turned out to learn about PantoneLIVE and how it could be used to address a critical brand concern—achieving consistent, accurate color across various substrates, production processes and locations.

Shoshana Burgett, Strategic Marketing Director X-Rite, delivered the main presentation. Underscoring the important role color plays in optimizing brand performance, Burgitt cited data from a recent survey conducted by the Pantone Color Institute*, indicating that “more than 70 percent of creatives noted that brand color definitions, accuracy and consistency in creating products or packaging are important to their business, while 42 percent indicated that color-related challenges have a negative impact on their company.”

Referencing the high profile legal battles of Cadbury and Veuve Clicquot, Burgitt called attention to lost revenue due to “cases of counterfeiting, deception and consumer confusion—all tied to the ubiquitous colors that uniquely identify brands.” Data about the way consumers respond to and base-purchasing decisions on color was also provided as well as a case study demonstrating how Heinz Beans used PantoneLIVE to reduce color variation and increase product speed to market.

©Thomas Gotsch

Last but not least, there was a demo of PantoneLIVE in action as well as its designer-friendly Illustrator plug-in showing how “Brand color data, equivalent to a digital color swatch, is stored in a secure, cloud-based portal that lets brand owners and other approved members of the supply chain manage digital rights and facilitate color communication across all materials in the production process”

Commenting post-event, David Luke, Education Chair-APC stated, “This was the first joint venture ever between the Advertising Production Club and the Art Director’s club, and we are thrilled that it worked out so well.”

The next APC event is June 28, 2012 at Industrial Color. They will unveil their new GLOBALedit workflow platform for video and photography. Click here to register or for more details.