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The results are in regarding the Unpaid Wages Epidemic poll article and it’s clear that there is a huge issue at our feet. When we asked Freelancers: Have you ever been the victim of an unpaid invoice for completed freelance work? A whopping 96% said YES and only 4% said NO. Following that question, we asked do you use a contract before engaging in work with new clients? 60% said YES and 40% said NO. It’s evident that Freelancers are not protecting themselves, which is heavily contributing to the Unpaid Wages crisis.

One of the problems is having no standardized contracts or approved legalities in the matter. Until better measures are in place, it is recommended that you use Freelancers Union’s Contract Creator as mentioned in the previous article. Also don’t hesitate to ask for a down payment to protect yourself as well.

Our final question, When asked Do you feel like the initiatives that The Freelancers Union are presenting are efficiently helping the Freelancer’s unpaid wages epidemic? The results came in with overwhelming support for the Union with 91% saying YES and only 9% feeling that they are not. We have to push Freelancers to support the Union and most recently the Freelancers Payment Protection act.

Just a refresher from the previous article, The bipartisan Freelancer Payment Protection Act (S4129/A6698) was introduced to provide the same wage protection to independent contractors that New York has provided to employees for decades. Rather than having independent contractors waste time and money pursuing owed wages on our own—through small claims court or by hiring an attorney—this bill would allow independent contractors to file a claim through the New York State Department of Labor. This solution not only helps the individual but also could help New York State recoup millions in state tax revenue that is lost every year due to client nonpayment. The Freelancers Payment Protection At would help independent workers in New York collect money from clients who don’t pay.

Victims of nonpayment will be able to file complaints with the New York State Department of Labor. After investigating, the Department of Labor may award victims 100% of what they’re owed, plus attorney’s fees and interest. The New York State Assembly passed the Freelancer Payment Protection Act. Now, the Senate must do the same! Contact Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, urging him to pass the bill this legislative session. Email Him Now and let him know that Freelancers everywhere will be heard.

Senator Skelos has the power to help freelancers by bringing the bill to a vote in the State Senate before the legislative session closes at the end of the month. Help end unpaid wages. Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos has the power to bring the Freelancer Payment Protection Act to a vote this month. Urge him to support freelancers in New York by passing the bill. Getting our voice heard in New York means the potential to make it heard nationwide. In a modern world where the Internet is a central portal for our economy, it’s time to do something about this huge burden on independent worker’s shoulders.