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Scott Wilson spoke to about how these poster came about and explained “As huge Mustang fans, we’re always fascinated by anything that has to do with classic cars, so we’re always thinking of new ideas. A few of us were watching the FIFA World Cup and it was USA vs Germany. Germany was clearly the better team but the US was hanging in there. Someone said something like “If this were car vs car, a Mustang would totally crush a Beetle” which got us talking about how it would look to have a bunch of cars on the soccer field”. Wilson went on to explain how the series was created “The official designs were made using stock photos of the car and then Illustrator to add the colors. The posters are currently just online and not being physically sold, but we may look into it if there’s a high demand for them. I’d love to get some printed up and put on display”!

This series of 10 posters are pretty awesome and thought our readers would appreciate them











Although the initial idea orignated around the world cup the designs show no sign of anything world cup related. Wilson explained the reasoning behind this “We decided to skip the Word Cup aspect of it so we could focus on different countries. During the brainstorming process we had a few debates about which car should represent which country, but most of them were pretty easy to decide. It got a little trickier picking the year for each one, but not too bad. We didn’t start designing until we had all that decided”.

What do you think of this poster series?