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The Royal Automotive Club of Western Australia (RAC) is a motoring club and mutual organization, providing roadside assistance, motor, home, contents and travel insurance, personal, car and travel loans, as well as road and community safety advocacy. The club evolved from the Automotive Club of Western Australia which was formed by a small group of enthusiastic car owners in 1905. They established the club partly for social purposes, such as picnic runs and reliability trials, and also to overcome the hostility of a community that still depended on the horse for road transport. (Source)


The RAC recently announced a new brand image as well as some important changes for the organization, delivering an even stronger future for its members. Group CEO, Terry Agnew, said the RAC is a proud Western Australian organization, which has reinvested its profits back into the community, for more than 100 years. “Today we are sharing our future with our members. Our new brand is a symbol of our commitment to our members, to our community, and to our WA,” Mr Agnew said.

“As a market leader, strong and stable, we are moving our organization forward again, because to build for the future, we need to evolve, as we have always done. “Our values, history and heritage will be protected, because they are unique to WA, and are the foundations that have built the RAC. “Our past successes have demonstrated what we can do, but now we want to do it even better. We’re building on our past to make a difference for the future.”

Presented in a genius way the company built a site asking clients what they wanted in their new brand, stating:

“We all want better. It’s what makes us, us. We strive for it. Roll up our sleeves for it. Work overtime for it. Donate for it. We even shop around for it. But it’s the ones who lay awake at night thinking what it should look like – well, they’re the ones you want on your side. They’re the game changers. They’re you. Our members.

For more than a century we’ve been reinvesting our profits in WA, and your voice has always been at the centre of it. Today, we unveil a new look and a renewed commitment for the better. And tomorrow, it’s many things. For us, it’s providing service you can count on. Seeing fewer loved ones lost on our roads. Better transport options. Less congestion. A cleaner sky. And the list goes on. But before we look at what to tackle next, tell us, what does a better WA look like to you?”


Take a look at the “For The Better” voting site!

The RAC’s commitment will see the organization become even more active and vocal on the issues that matter, and deliver more innovative and improved products, services, and benefits to more than 750,000 members annually. The RAC also outlined its commitment to saving lives, and improving road and vehicle safety. This commitment reflects the harsh reality that 20 years ago, when compared nationally, WA had one of the lowest fatality rates of any Australian State, now it is consistently the highest.

“By any standard, Western Australia’s road safety record is unacceptable,” Mr Agnew said. “More than half of WA’s fatalities happen on our country roads even though less than a quarter of our population live there, and the Wheatbelt fatality rate is almost seven times the State rate. “As a State we must do better, and the RAC will be a driving force. We must build safer roads and vehicles, focus on the impacts of speed, alcohol and drugs, tackle driver behavior, battle complacency, and understand the real impacts of driver inattention.”

The RAC’s new brand will roll out across Western Australia over the months ahead. (Source)