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There are actually two different types of Scribble pens that will be made available shortly: The Scribble Ink and the Scribble Stylus. The scribble ink is an ink cartridge. It lets you draw on paper with the color that you have captured. The second one, the Scribble Stylus, is the one that will allow people to splash color around on your mobile devices screen (once the Scribble app has been installed). Those who are passionate about anything related to drawing and doodling might like this latest invention.

Pre-orders of the scribble pen are being taken online now for $149.95 USD. The Stylus version is $79.95 USD.


Scribble Pen (ink)



Both versions of the scribble pen will use Bluetooth technology. They can also use Micro-USB cables enabling them to communicate with devices such as your computer. They will both measure about 6.3 inches in length. So how does it work you may ask? It’s simple, the pen can scan a color from any object: a fruit, a persons face, the color of a table – whatever object around you, it can then transform the ink to match the exact same color.


Scribble explains in their press release: “This innovative pen can hold over 100,000 unique colors in its internal memory and can reproduce over 16 million unique colors.” The pen has a nib one end and on the other has the RGB scanner. The company explains in their press release that once the the color has been detected, an ARM 9 microprocessor then mixes the ink to produce the exact same color ink. The color then gets saved into its internal memory bank.


“For the color blind, kids, interior decorators, homeowners, teachers, artists, photographers, designers and students, the Scribble color picker pen will make copying an exact color, any color from any object, an absolute breeze,’ a company spokesman said. Sometimes let’s face it. it’s difficult using let’s say pencils or paint to find an exact shade. Who would have believed that a tool like this would come about? Below are the specifications of the Scribble Pen:



This tool might just be a great invention for everyone, maybe one that will appear in most households. It will be interesting to write a review of the Scribble Pen once it launches soon. If you want to pre-order or read more about this pen you can do so on their website