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But actually, it refers to any close-up shot even of normal size objects, such as flowers, the human eye, or tree leaves. Macro photography images are usually taken using a special macro lens that allows you to take very close shots with a normal size ratio, such as 1:1. You can also use tools such as a close-up filter and reversing rings to get a macro shot without a dedicated expensive lens.

Another advantage of getting a macro lens is that it allows you to keep a proper distance between you and the object, which is helpful in taking shots of animals and insects that you do not want to disturb. Unlike normal shots, macro photography requires special points to take into consideration in order to get professional and sharp images, such as the following:

Choose Your Composition

The composition is the first thing that you should take care of when shooting macro photography, or even other type of photos. When taking macro photos, you should consider the small size of the object and what it will look like in the final photo.

Choose The Macro Lens To Use

While the focal length of macro lenses ranges between 50mm to 200 mm, even 50-60 mm lenses are suitable for taking normal macro shots, but they may not let you have enough distance between you and the object. So you can go with a higher focal length, such as 150-200mm that allows you to take macro shots of insects and butterflies from a proper distance. Thus, these higher focal length lenses are more expensive compared to lower ones.

Use A Tripod

When you are shooting macro photos, you are dealing with extreme focal length and zooming, so it is more likely to have a shaky shot because of the possible camera movement. The object can also move, especially when you are taking macro photos of flowers or insects. Therefore, you need to reduce this shaking by using a heavy tripod.

Get To The Same Level Of The Object

Due to the small size of these objects, you need to get closer to them, therefore every millimeter matters in getting a sharp shot. So, you need to get lower and put your camera lens in parallel with the object.

Control The Depth Of Field

If you would like to display the main object in the macro shot sharper than the background, you need to use a shallow aperture, such as f/2.8 or f/4. On the other hand, if you would like the whole shot to be sharp including the background, you need to choose a narrow f/16 or even f/22. Choosing the best aperture depends on your creative mind and how you really need to display the shot.

Use Fill-in Flash

In some cases, you may want to improve the composition exposure by using a fill-in flash. The flash light can help you fill in the dark areas in the shot and produce professional results. After reviewing these macro photography tips that can help you take professional shots, let us showcase some amazing macro photography examples by different photographers and see how the above tips can be applied to them.

Denean Melcher

Denean is a professional photographer in many fields of photography; her profile is full of life and appreciation for special moments. She is using her talent and Nikon to shoot nature, family, kids, and macro photography, such as the amazing examples below.

Marin Jr

Marin Jr is a talented photographer from Sao Paulo, Brasil. His photography includes different areas, such as nature, commercial, and macro photography. Here are some examples of Marin’s amazing work.

Josh Beasley

For as long as 7 years, Josh has been taking different photos of various themes, such as macro photography, aviation, portrait and landscapes. His photography shows a great understanding of composition and the light around the objects in a scene.

Michael Stoop

Michael Stoop is another talented photographer from the Netherlands. While his main profession is in the IT field, his hobby and passion is photography, especially portrait and macro photography. Michael has been a macro photographer since 2006, and he describes these types of photograph, as follows: “Insects are very shy subjects similar to humans, you need to put them at ease and have the patience to allow them to show you their best side”.

David Dousa

David is a professional photographer from Prague, and his profile varies from portrait photography, black and white, flower, nature, macro, animal photography, and more.

Toky Des Bois

Alexandre is an amazing photographer with a very interesting profile marked by bright colors, light and shadows. His profile varies from animal photography, flowers, landscape, black and white, night, and macro photography.

After this showcase of macro photography, I hope you will enjoy this type of photography and share with us your opinion about it.