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Located in London, across the road from the British Museum, this Starbucks employee explains on “I don’t think about getting any reward with this other than making people happy. When you give a cup to someone and he or she smiles, then I go back to work with a huge smile on my face too.”


To view his work either take a look at his Facebook page or his website where he has his collection of cups. Here are a few of his strikingly beautiful cups. Enjoy!

Nkweti explains on his website a little bit about the below artcup: “This artcup had a really simple inspiration – a movie with mermaids in it! I found myself fascinated by the movement of the waves that had been frozen in time when I had to pause the movie to take a telephone call. Those waves just seemed to beg to surround the Starbucks logo and turn her into my own personal mermaid”.










On his website Gabriel explains the following about the below cup: “Nasra is one of my colleagues. A tall black beauty, with a terribly mischievous character! She is incredibly hardworking, and utterly honest and reliable. I really enjoy working with her and although the imagery on her artcup has no particular significance the majesty and elegance of Big Ben just seemed to…fit!”.

Gabriel Lafitte Nkweti

Gabriel Lafitte Nkweti

If you would like one of these amazing art cups then you are in luck as Gabriel states on the “shop” section of his website “Do you want to be able to buy Nkweti designs? If there is enough interest in me selling items here, I will do my best to get a store onto the website”.