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Matt explains “I told it (the story) to my eldest son Isaac when he was younger and then, after many years, I began telling it again to my youngest son Elijah. And then the magic of the internet stepped in… My son Elijah and I wrote the story down, adding new touches to the original story. And then we reached out to 12 fantastic artists from around the world to start bringing our robots to life. Each day my son would wake up and say “Dad, do we have any new robots?” And we did!”.


Elijah Yerington
One of the Authors

Although “Stinky Robots” is almost ready to be published, the authors are involving the public to help participate in their exciting project. They have started a Kickstarter campaign. As you can probably imagine, a large amount of money has already been invested into their project and for every pledge anyone makes there is a reward; from a first edition copy of the book to a signed hard cover copy to thank you for your contribution.


Stinky Robots – Book Cover


FutuRobots Page from the Stinky Robots Book

The robot characters were created by the following talented artists and it is Nikola Radulovikj who is responsible for the final illustraion of the book as well as being the creator of Stinky Robots Nikola, Gemima and Benny Fixit. found out from author Matthew Yerington a bit more about each artist and each of their character(s);

Daniel McLaren – Canada “Daniel is a seasoned, talented artist who hails from Canada. He is the creator of one of our favorite robots “Daniel”. He is also working on the book layout”.
Mark Umali – Philippines “Mark is a young artist who created the loveable, though slightly messy “Nando” and the FutuRobot RX5″.
Gilbert Jansen – Indonesia “Gilbert created the multitalented FutuRobt Gilbert”.
Antoni Villacreces Vazquez – Spain Antoni is a 3D, and Blender expert. He is also the creator of Stinky Robot Lua and Tim. We are keeping Antoni in mind for our first short film!”.
Martin Gabrieloni – Argentina “One of my absolute favoirte Stinky Robots is Steve. He just looks like someone you want to hug. Putting that kind of rich emotion into each robot was something we really shrived for and Martin found it. Martin is from Argentina and he created Stinky Robots Steve, Maria and RCA (who runs on Solar only and shuts down when there is no sun)”.
Jerome Aguilar – Philippines “He is the creator of FutuRobots Jerome and Mara’.
Consor Joy Bulaquena – Philippines “Consor is the creator of FutuRobot CC07”
Ayelen Lamas – Argentina “Ayelen is a talented artist from Argentina who has created Stinky Robot Raskal and FutuRobots Ayelen and Minkie. Ayelen will be doing our first feature book on “Raskal””.
Alexey Osodoev – Russia ” Alexey is a seasoned artist, responsible for creating Stinky Robots and FutuRobots logos. Alexey created Stinky Robot “Carl” and FutuRobots PSA9000 and Ninja44. Alexey will be creating their next book “FuruRobots””.
John Crisostomo Jr – Philippines “John is the creater of the lovable, though sometimes a bit dizzy, Criss. He is also the creator of FutuRobot Jun (John in Filipino)”.
Alex Lin – Canada (Alex, who hails most recently from Canada is an original artist from the Transformer series and created FutuRobots Joe and Alex”.
Nikola Radulovikj – Macedonia “Nikola is responsible for the final illustraion of the book and creator of Stinky Robots Nikola, Gemima and Benny Fixit”.

Below i will showcase some of these engaging robot characters that are in the book – “FutuRobots are the cool kids of robots. They are the robots that are the fastest, most technically advanced, best software, sleekest looking. Stinky Robots move a bit slower, run on mechanical parts, gears and pulleys, or stinky fuels like diesel (bio-diesel for the ecominded)”. It is hardly surprising that the absolutely amazing creativity and talent has got the attention of some of the main publishers but for the authors it seems that all they want is for people to simply enjoy the book and learn “the importance of respecting all members of the communities we live in” which is exactly what the book aims to teach people.

Daniel” by Daniel McLaren:

Daniel Sketch 006

Artist Daniel McLaren – Sketch of robot “Daniel”

Daniel Sketch 005

Artist Daniel McLaren – Sketch of Robot “Daniel”

Daniel white background

Artist Daniel McLaren – Robot “Daniel”


Artist Daniel McLaren – Robot “Daniel”

“Raskal” By Artist Ayelen Lamas

Raskal - Simple Character Sheet

“Raskal” – Artist Ayelen Lamas


“Raskal” – Artist Ayelen Lamas

“Gemima” and “Benny Fixit” by Artist Nikola Radulovikj


“Gemima” – Artist Nikola Radulovikj

Benny Fixit

“Benny Fixit” – Artist Nikola Radulovikj

“Joe” by Alex Lin

2nd try_Alex

Second Attempt of “Joe” – Artist Alex Lin

model sheet2_Alex

“Joe” – Artist Alex Lin