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The range consists of recycled glass bottles and bold typography emblazoned across all packaging. As Sabrina Messineo, founder of Les Indiennes’ explains, “research undertaken for typography and label style included ideas retrieved from old books and trips to small Italian villages observing old shops and signs.”

We spoke to Matteo Civaschi, Executive Creative Director and Senior Designer at H-57, finding out more about this vibrant branding collaboration…

Les Indiennes 1

Les Indiennes

Les Indiennes 2

Les Indiennes

What was the brief for your design work with Les Indiennes?
It has been clear since the first meetings with Les Indiennes that the general mission was to produce beauty. From this exciting starting point we began to think about the design for each product. The soaps for example gave us the idea to tell small, short stories made of emotions, colors, meetings, dreams and thoughts, while the body washes needed a more refined and sophisticated touch. Les Indiennes briefs are always a big challenge to work with because they allow us to express ourselves at the maximum level, being absolutely the best client for a design studio.

Tell us about the typography you used?
The chance to match really simple sanserif fonts with a vintage italic/hand font is wonderful. Behind these kind of combinations is a lot of research to create a visual atmosphere; small typographic stories which bring you back to something with that kind of vintage feel. These can be from your memory, such as images connected with an old sign, a remote little shop in some ancient French village or maybe in an old 1800 London whisky storage.
If we also manage to create a modern touch which makes Les Indiennes image unique, well the work is done, it’s perfect.

Les Indiennes 3

Les Indiennes

Les Indiennes 4

How long did this project take to complete?

We have been working with Les Indiennes for 5 years. Each individual package design takes time and development. Sometimes it can be 3 months from the first brief, then when we find the right inspiration and starting point it can take only a few days to design. With Les Indiennes, projects are always open and this is really stimulating because it gives us the possibility to continuously improve.

Which Les Indiennes design is your favorite?
We absolutely loved the men’s range and also the 10 shaving tips leaflet. Both of them were wonderful projects.

Les Indiennes 5

Les Indiennes

Are you working on any new and exciting designs at the moment?
We are studying new typographic projects for Les Indiennes, working on completely new, different products. We’re really happy because this gives us the opportunity to use even more typography variations.

Les Indiennes 6

Les Indiennes

An intriguing and enticing design team, H-57 and Les Indiennes share a similar vision and direction which is mirrored by their end result. Packaging is strong, creative and tells its own story. Here at we can’t wait to see what’s next from Les Indiennes and H-57.

Which design images and typography are your favorite within the range?

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