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Whatever mood you are in whether you are feeling tired or happy Backbone Branding have very cleverly created these cups so you can actually interact with your cup and they have made them so that people can re-use them again and again.

The design firm created a whole new identity for Gawatt coffee. They explain that they they were briefed to create the “Identity of a take-out coffee-shop in steampunk style”.


Identity of a take-out coffee-shop was briefed to execute in steampunk style.

They go on outline the solution to this project: “To graphically embrace the conceptual approach, we created a pattern depicting products making processes. The pattern formed the basis for identity development. Naming was also successfully deployed in the design. “Gawatt” means cup in Armenian, yet, if without first two letters – name of the universal steam engine inventor or unit of power that one can get with a cup of coffee. In this logic, we designed different sizes of cups depending on the power charge of their contained – watt, kilowatt, megawatt, terawatt”.

However as well as creating the main brand identity of the Gawatt coffee-shop they were also commissioned to put together this limited series of take-away/ souvenir cups.


The result are the amazing and fun coffee cups and the design firm seem pretty satisfied that “Gawatt fills in the existing gap of take-out coffee-shops in Yerevan delivering the joy and excitement to its target audience”.