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However, packaging design is more than just typography, layout and color, there is a third dimension involved, and the case conception can make a huge difference between a nice and an awesome package. In this article I take a look at some of the best packages that have been designed in 2013.

The packaging work you’ll find below always stands out both aesthetically and practically. A package design that is only visually appealing is great, but not enough to be outstanding, and the same goes for packages that are very practical but visually “meh”.

1. BANDiful

Bandages are a very common item that is usually packaged in a very boring way. No more of that with BANDiful. This package finally takes into consideration that people who will use bandages might be hurt, so everything is made to make the bandages as accessible as possible.

The design is quite minimalist, but still has enough decoration to be beautiful. Notice the small white line on each bandage. Another nice touch is the usage instruction that comes to you right when you open the box.

This brilliant packaging was designed by Vivi Feng and Yu Ping Chuang

1 bandiful

Vivi Feng’s Website

2. Lette Gift Box “à la ronde”

Macarons are a big thing in France, they are served with coffee and often gifted for special occasions. For those special occasions, a nice gift box is important.

The “Lette gift box”, designed by alm project, serves as the perfect support for macarons. The minimalist design puts the sweets at the center and displays it in a manner that makes it the perfect gift.

2 macarons

Alm Project

3. Fisherman Boots

One of the most eye-catching packaging you will see today. These fisherman boots are put in context to give you a quick look at what you will be protected from, and also to give you a taste of water.

Marketing-wise, this is probably one of the best packages you could create, it works both as advertising and a package. No wonder Igor Mitin received several awards for designing it.

3 fisherman boots

Igor Mitin’s Portfolio

4. Curve Bakery

More than packaging, this work by Citra Limanto, a design firm based in Indonesia, should be referred as “bread clothing”. For this design, the designers didn’t change the rules of bread packaging, but made it much more elegant. The transparency works just like it does in fashion and gives some sexy curves to the bread.

4 curve bakery

Citra Limanto

5. Sustainable Expandable Bowl

This innovative and eco-friendly expandable bowl is the fruit of the collaboration between Innventia, a research company, and the design agency Tomorrow Machine.

Made with a cellulose-based paper, which has some properties similar to plastic, but is still sustainable. This paper’s properties make it react when hot water is poured into it, and turns into a serving bowl.

If you needed proof that designs can be greatly improved by using the right material, this should serve as your perfect example.

5 expandable bowl


6. BZZZ Premium Honey

Initially created as gift packaging for VIP banking clients in Russia, this honey pot designed to look like a bee hive was so successful that it has become the new package design for Bzzz’s premium honey. Made of wood, this pack can become part of the household’s kitchenware.

It was imagined and created by Backbone Creative, a design consultancy from Armenia.

6 bee hive

Backbone Creative

7. Qizini Pizza

BrandNew, the company behind this packaging, understands everything about pizza, that’s why they know how to pack it.

First, the dark background with the main ingredient in big works very well to identify the flavor and make you hungry instantly. Second, they reveal just what’s necessary from the actual pizza and take good care to hide the crust. The result is a luxury looking pizza packaging.

7 qizini pizza


8. Hudson Made

For its black soap packaging, Hudson Made hired Hovard Design, a New York based design consultancy.

Hudson Made insisted on the regional aspect of the product, since it’s 100% American-made. The branding was heavily influenced by late-nineteenth century American letterpress, wooden typography and one-color printing.

8 hudson made

Hudson Made

9. Maison Dandoy

A great logo design, a nice color scheme, good typography and illustrations, these are the tools built by Base Design to make this great packaging possible.

Maison Dandoy has a long history of pastry making, so they understood the importance of working with the same design studio all the way through the project, which made this great packaging possible.

9 maison dandoy

Base Design

10. Crew Shirt

The Crew shirt package created by Perky Bros for Red Kap are so nice that I would probably never unpack it if I bought it. The labels attached to the shirt are just gorgeous, with a red that perfectly matches the color of the shirt and a great use of the grid. However, the best part is probably the infographics with the specs on the sheet attached to the box.

10 crew shirt

Perky Bros

11. Jamie Oliver Experience

Winner of a Cannes design lion for the brilliance of concept and design, this packaging has everything to please. The set was built for Jamie Oliver’s lifestyle range of products, with a specific design that reflects each product.

The packaging was part of a much bigger project of branding, marketing, and more by Pearlfisher, and everything is visually held together with the bold “J” logo.

11 jme


12. Gut Oggau

Because each wine has its personality, Jung von Matt drew a portrait for each of Gut Oggau’s wine labels. The illustration is simple, printed only in black and white with very small and simple typography. A simple idea that’s well-executed for an award winning packaging.

12 gut oggau

Jung Von Matt

What package design impressed you in 2013? We probably missed many amazing designs in this post, so feel free to complete it in the comment section below.