Advertisement HOW Design Live Event Registration is an online charity where public school teachers from every part of America can post classroom project requests, to which site visitors can give any amount. 125 designs were submitted in this competition and after 37,653 votes were cast, the winning design was announced as the “ABC’s of Literature” by artist Bo Knoblauch. Bo’s creation has been described by Threadless as demonstrating “the power of education to a “T” (as well as every other letter in the alphabet)”.

The design depicts the alphabet, yet in each letter a famous writer is highlighted “in a way which makes you appreciate how these basic building blocks of language can be constructed into beautiful novels, poems, and other classic works of literature”.

The team at Threadless described to us at the many interpretations they received. Entries were classed as a mixture of “light-hearted parody of science, mathematics, literature, and other traditional school classes”. Threadless explain that “a lot of designers legitimately tried to teach through their design submissions, which was really fun to see (and we even learned a few things)!”

Winner Bo was given $2,000 cash, a $500 giftcard and a $500 giftcard. Of this, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation generously funded the challenge’s prizes and production of the winning design with every penny spent going to the classroom of your choice. Donors Choose is regarded by Threadless as an organization that both they and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation “want to support to the fullest”, hence the idea for this campaign. summarize this worthy venture by explaining, “the way that “ABC’s of Literature” pairs each letter of the alphabet with a famous wordsmith really encapsulates what the design challenge was about.”

See Bo’s amazing design below…

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