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Rebranding can help a business better appeal to customers, convey the business’s image, and revitalize a brand. While some rebrands are subtle upgrades of the original, some rebranding efforts offer a complete overhaul of the company name, logo, and brand identity. Whether it’s a new logo design, logo redesign, or complete rebrand, it takes a team of professionals to nail the logo and attract the attention of the company’s target audience. There were a lot of successful design campaigns this past year and here is our opinion of the top 10 rebrands of 2013.

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10. AccuWeather

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AccuWeather introduced a new logo and app icon with a fresh image and colors to promote a consistent and unified look across all media platforms. Orange was chosen as the new corporate color after extensive international research on color usage and meanings in various cultures. The sun icon universally symbolizes the brand in various digital venues, including smart phone and tablet applications and across social media platforms. AccuWeather believes the new brand identity system better reflects the company’s standing as a global media leader. As far as we can tell, this was an in-house design job.

9. Phoenix Suns

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The Phoenix Suns recently updated their logos for the first time in 13 years. They updated nearly all of their marks, including their primary logo, “PHX” bird logo, simple marks, and even the “SUNS” word mark to better combine the club’s past and present. The changes throughout were subtle, but impactful. The team’s primary color will remain orange, with purple, black, and grey rounding out the color palette of the latest brand update. The team uses multiple versions of each logo, including options highlighting purple and black. As far as we can tell, this was an in-house design job.

8. Georgia Bulldogs

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The New Uniforms

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The Georgia Athletic Association implemented a new brand identity to promote a cleaner, consistent look across all sports. The department-wide rebrand was designed in collaboration with Nike over a 15-month period. What resulted is a beautiful new primary logo, secondary bulldog logo, typography, and color palette. The new marks can be seen on all branding, uniforms, and online media.

I think the new mark is a huge improvement for the organization and will last for years to come. The updated identity system still prominently features and reaffirms the traditional Power “G” logo as the primary brand identity. The long-standing color palette of red, black, white and silver have been refined in order to allow for instant team identification.

7. Nokia

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Nokia Siemens Networks changed their name to Nokia Solutions and Networks and is now known as NSN. They also introduced a new logo to reflect the changes. They maintained the same bright color scheme while introducing a simple acronym and more recognizable logo. As far as we can tell, this was an in-house design job.

6. Chili’s

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Chili’s released a successful rebrand, featuring a strong, new color palette, bold artwork and wooden wall accents to reflect their Southwestern heritage. Along with the new advertising campaign, Chili’s released a new logo and a redesign for many of their restaurants. The newly redesigned iconic chili pepper logo was designed by San Francisco based Tesser. It features a redesign of the previous Chili’s icon with a slick new Sari typeface for the letter S.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Top 10 Rebrands of 2013 and let us know what some of your favorites were!