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It’s debatable how much a logo should cost, but it’s no question that it’s tough to put a value on a brand no matter the price. Sure there are options for every budget and style but when you are sitting on top of the corporate world no budget is too high. According to JustCreative, “Logo design in today’s world is totally under rated. People do not understand how important a good logo is and how valuable it is to their business”. Get ready to have wallet envy and check out the top 5 Most Expensive Logos of All Time:


5. ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group)

ANZ-Bank-logo.jpegPrice: $15,000,000

Designed By: M&C Saatchi

This global brand building project came after 18 months of research in which customers, staff and advisers from M&C Saatchi concluded the bank needed to streamline its brand as it widened its push into Asian markets such as Cambodia, Vietnam and China. “In recent years, the ANZ brand has become fragmented,” Mr. Smith said. “To deliver on its growth strategy and regional aspirations, ANZ has to look like one bank and provide a consistent experience for our customers and our people wherever they come into contact with the bank.”

The three shapes in the new signage reflect ANZ’s three core markets – Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific – while the central human shape represents customers and staff.

4. Posten Norge

posten.jpegPrice: $55,000,000

Designed By: Grow

Thanks to Patrick Hammarsten for the tip

Posten Norge introduces a completely new profile in 2008. Communications director Elisabeth Gjølme explained: We will keep the name, but it brings a new symbol. The new Post-mark is a modernization of the old logo, which, with its classic horn and royal crown is something most people have a relationship with. – It was important for us to keep some of the tradition in the new logo.


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3. Accenture

Accenture-Logo.jpegPrice: $100,000,000

Designed By: Landor Associates

Designed signed by Landor Associates in 2000. “The pure simplicity of the Accenture logo, compared to the $100 million USD they paid for it, might make it the most surprising of the logos in this selection. The only real “design” element on the logo is the angled bracket above the letter “t”, which signifies forward movement by the company into the future. The lowercase text has been used to signify a certain openness and friendliness, showing the company to be approachable and accessible.”

2. BP

BP2.jpegPrice: $211,000,000

Designed By: Landor Associates

The BP Logo was redesigned in 2008 by Landor Associates. There were two primary challenges for Landor to address. The first was to develop an identity and a name for BP Amoco that would help to unify the cultures of the four previously independent companies. The second was to help the new enterprise break away from the petroleum sector and become one of the world’s leading brands. BP Amoco executives viewed a dynamic new identity as playing a key role in solving both of these challenges.

Landor recommended the name BP be kept, the new BP present itself as being greater than British Petroleum, and BP become a single global brand. The Helios mark was developed, symbolizing the newly merged company. Bright and bold, the identity evokes natural forms and energy that represent, respectively, BP’s position as an environmental leader and its goal of moving beyond the petroleum sector. The downside to this mark is it was praised by marketing gurus when revealed, but the logo was later scrutinized (and lampooned) in 2010, when BP became responsible for perhaps the world’s worst oil spill.

Landor / Inc /Stock Logos:

1. Symantec

Symantec-logo.pngPrice: $1,280,000,000

Designed By: Unknown Send Us a Tip

The VeriSign check mark is the most recognized symbol of trust online with up to 250 million impressions every day on more than 100,000 unique websites in 160 countries.

The previous logo was created in 2000 and the company for more than a decade. “We believe in today’s connected world that the Symantec check mark will stand for confidence, the same way the Nike swoosh stands for fitness,” said Carine Clark, chief marketing officer of Symantec. “The new logo signals Symantec’s vision to bring together identity and device security, information protection, context and relevance and the benefits from leveraging the cloud – all critical enablers of confidence in a connected world.”

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