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A good and creative business card can most definitely make all the difference in the first impression that you have on someone. So here are a few business cards that stand out from the crowd:

1. Business Cards For A Make-up Artist

Lesha Limonov explains the challenge which was to “Come up with an artistic business card that looks like nothing else and allows to create new images within given concept”. And the solution? “We created a business card with a face, on the basis of which you can create numerous striking images. Each new card is an individual product, a masterpiece that will have no analogues. And to create this masterwork all you need is just simple material: marker, ink, lipstick, eyeshadow”.

Lesha Limonov'S business cards for a make-up artist / hairdresser.

Lesha Limonov’S business cards for a make-up artist / hairdresser.


Lesha Limonov’S business cards for a make-up artist / hairdresser.

2. GBOX Studios’ business cards

As part of their GBOX brand identity they created these very cool business cards. They explain that their “brand mark was inspired by the brand name and the lens – a visual representation of world, our aim is creative powerful simplicity, and all components are coherence based on a box”.





3. Lush Business Cards

Designer Brandon Knowlden designed these business cards. They were letter pressed by hand and stuffed with grass seed.


Lush Business Card by
Brandon Knowlden

4. Lego Business Cards
Employees get this awesome business card – a lego person that even looks like you!


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5. Tam Cargo Business Cards

Design by Young & Rubicam, this is a great change from the traditional business card – a business card that can be transformed into a little box of transporting cargo air!


Designed by Young & Rubicam
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6. Brazilian cheese shop Bon Vivant’s Business Cards

What an absolutely fantastic idea! Agency JWT was hired by Brazilian cheese shop Bon Vivant. This business card which doubles as a cheese grater definitely stands out from the crowd.


Business Cards by Agency JWT


7. Yoga Center Business Card
What an excellent way to design a business card for a yoga busines!


Yoga Center – by Marked For Trade Agency

Let us know your thoughts on these business cards. And if you have seen or if you have designed some business cards that are unique then please feel free to get in touch.