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Showcasing the work of university students from all over the UK aims to shine light on up and coming artists and the first edition of the magazine is fulled with over 100 pieces of student work from all different areas such as fashion, graphic design, illustration, furniture and typography. The great thing is that there are no rules or guidelines – all students can submit a project of their choice.


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Harriet went on to explain: “Submitting your work is easy. All you have to do is select the piece/pieces you’re most proud of, or you feel best represent your style and email them into [email protected] You will need to include your name, course, university, link to your blog/website and if you feel it needs it, a little description of your work. We also have a number of opportunities on our website to become part of future issue’s, including an exclusive brief with fashion brand UN:IK as well as articles on work we’d love to see your interpretations of”.

The magazine is currently available to buy online via their website and they are looking for more students to submit their work to then publish issue 2 shortly.

Harriet goes to tell us “Both the magazine and the blog are open to everybody to submit their work, we don’t run themes or limit the type of work we’re sent, and we don’t select students work ourselves. Everything we ever feature has been chosen by the student, as the piece they’re most proud of. We have a submissions email where we simply ask any students who fancy being in with the chance to see their work on our blog or in a magazine to email it into us. We then select what we feel is the widest variety of work to use. Art, design and photography is so subjective that we try not to choose the ones that just appeal to us, as just because maybe I’m not a fan doesn’t mean others aren’t and vice versa”.

Here is a sneak peek of some students’ work featured in the magazine. It’s an amazing way to see the new talent coming out of universities. Enjoy…

58-59 Maia Fjord & Pavel Stankevich

Maia Fjord & Pavel Stankevich

90-91 Lydia Kokkinaki & Magesa Biseko

Lydia Kokkinaki & Magesa Biseko


Alice Robinson

Blue 2 Rachael Saunders & Will Broughton

Blue 2
Rachael Saunders & Will Broughton

Jessie Bayliss

Jessie Bayliss


Natalie Simone


Skin Kez Coo


Shananne Lake

vampire weekend

Vampire Weekend
Rajan Solanki