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With a rich background in digital design and online marketing, Amy Balliett combined these passions to co-found Killer Infographics, a Seattle based infographic design agency. She proudly wears the title of Chief Swiss Army Knife, as she serves many purposes including web development, design, design team management, video animation, SEO, marketing, and more. In just over 1 year, Killer Infographics has grown to a worldwide agency serving over 100 clients and producing over 900 designs. You can view their portfolio of infographics at

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Inside Adobe Max: From the Perspective of a Speaker, Marketer and First Timer

By: Amy Balliett on May 11th 2013
Inside Adobe Max: From the Perspective of a Speaker, Marketer and First Timer

A conference like that is worth any ticket price since the experience and knowledge gained can take your career to new heights. And, not to oversell it, but Adobe Max did a fantastic job of achieving this rare form of conferencedom. In March, Adobe reached out to myself and my business partner, Nick Grant, asking if we could speak at Max about infographic design. Honored for the opportunity, we gladly accepted the assignment… and the 8:30 am Tuesday morning... CONTINUE READING

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