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Carisa Swesnon writes on behalf of NSG Design. Swenson is a New York based freelance graphic designer with 13 years experience, and a sculptor specializing in art dolls for use in illustration, movies and private collections. Her work can be found in numerous galleries on both the East and West Coast and in publications such as Spectrum. To view her three-dimensional work, please visit Goblinfruit Studio. You can find her design portfolio here.

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Game Design: The Evolution from Entertainment to Art Form

By: Carisa Swenson on Apr 12th 2012
Game Design: The Evolution from Entertainment to Art Form

The world of video games is a varied and often breathtaking landscape encompassing elements that easily transcend “game” to “art”. Many independent studios, freed from the constraint of having to meet vigorous sales numbers, are designing games that reach new visual heights, and are proving that video games are, and can be, used as an artistic medium — one which inspires and creates long-lasting impressions on the participant, much like traditional forms of art. Most notably, mainstream art institutions... CONTINUE READING

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