Dave Gorum

Dave Gorum is the creative director and co-founder of Carbonmade, an online portfolio service that helps creative folks show off their work. With his partner Jason Nelson and their team of talented goofballs Carbonmade has helped over 500,000 people get their portfolios online. He has been designing for over a decade, owns two dogs, and occasionally takes pictures of the sun. He splits his time between New York City and Chicago and thinks the pizza is edible in both places.

Dave has authored 1 posts. Website: http://davegorum.carbonmade.com/
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Portfolio Best Practices (Poll Article)

By: Dave Gorum on Aug 6th 2012
Portfolio Best Practices (Poll Article)

It’s 8pm on a Friday and I’ve just looked through what feels like 200 billion (but is more likely about 45) of the most mind-numbingly bad portfolios ever to be submitted for a design position. When I started this process, it was 5pm on a Friday and the foolish me of two hours ago was brimming with optimism at the promise of finding a dream designer and leaving the office early. Then it was 7pm and the parade of... CONTINUE READING

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