David Langton

David Langton, a visual communication designer, prolific blogger and author on visual design was recognized in Graphic Design USA’s annual review of designers in America as one of the People to Watch in 2009. David is co-founder with Norman Cherubino of Langton Cherubino Group and is the author of Visual Marketing (Wiley).

David has authored 4 posts. Website: http://www.langtoncherubino.com
All 4 articles submitted by David Langton:

Restructuring a Hedge Fund Communication Design – Making the Content Right so the Design Can Begin

By: David Langton on Jul 18th 2012
Restructuring a Hedge Fund Communication Design - Making the Content Right so the Design Can Begin

Like many wealth managers Harvey Abrahams has a PowerPoint presentation that rarely gets shown. It’s used more often as a hand-out or leave-behind. Harvey says he never actually shows the whole presentation. “I just pick out a relevant page,” he told me, “then I do my pitch.” Harvey called on our design firm to, “make his presentation look more professional.” I met with Harvey, co-founder and hedge fund manager for Akeida Capital, to discuss his presentation to investors. The... CONTINUE READING

Message = Mission

By: David Langton on Jun 27th 2012
Message = Mission

Recently, my 8 year-old son and I were in a local Asian restaurant and he looked around and said, “This is a really nice place.” We were in the Men’s Room. That is not always the case. What is a restaurant saying to its patrons when the restrooms are dirty and disgusting? I think it sends the message that this business doesn’t really care about its customers. Tom Peters writes in The Little BIG Things (HarperStudio), “It’s All About... CONTINUE READING

I really do ♥ NY logo

By: David Langton on Jun 3rd 2012
I really do ♥ NY logo

What is this logo called love? Can too much love be a problem? Apparently for the State of New York it is. And it is the concept of love that is on the line. The rationale for changing New York’s iconic tourism campaign was put forth by Governor Andrew Cuomo as, “Other states have been more aggressive in attracting tourism than New York. We were the best and we were the first, but somewhere along the way we lost... CONTINUE READING

The Billion Dollar Ford Logo

By: David Langton on May 29th 2012
The Billion Dollar Ford Logo

I remember an old Mad Magazine spoof of the auto companies that included the line, “Build me a car that I can af-FORD.” Well as it turns out, Ford, the only one of the Big-Three American automakers to avoid the government bailout, put its trust in the company’s logo. According to the New York Times, “Ford put up its logo, headquarters, factories and other assets to qualify for $23.5 billion in loans that helped it survive the recession without... CONTINUE READING

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