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Evan writes on behalf of NSG Design. Evan Johnston has worked as a book designer since 2000. His writing has been published in Punk Planet, The Brooklyn Rail, and McSweeney's Online Internet Tendency. He lives in Brooklyn.

Evan has authored 20 posts. Website: http://www.evanjohnstondesign.com
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“The Poster Has Outlived Its Own History” – Graphic Advocacy at the Art Director’s Club

By: Evan Johnston on Sep 18th 2014
“The Poster Has Outlived Its Own History” - Graphic Advocacy at the Art Director’s Club

Professor Elizabeth Resnick was one of the AIGA members who contributed artwork. Twelve years later, Resnick put together a collection of political posters from our digital age: posters created not by ad agencies or even nonprofits, but by individuals. I viewed highlights from Resnick’s collection at the Art Director’s Club in New York City. At the opening of Graphic Advocacy, Professor Resnick, along with noted art director and author Steve Heller, and graphic design legend Milton Glaser, best known... CONTINUE READING

Mendelsund Uncovered

By: Evan Johnston on Aug 7th 2014
Mendelsund Uncovered

He is originally a classically trained pianist He did not formally study design. He is the designer of the now iconic Girl With the Dragon Tattoo book covers. Forget this bulleted list. Take a look at his collaboration with Mark Z. Danielewski and try to imagine how long it takes to create something this elaborately weird. That red thread on the sewing of the book’s pages is rare, usually book thread is nearly invisible; the punctures on the book... CONTINUE READING

Where Graffiti Belongs: Stephen Powers’s A Love Letter to the City

By: Evan Johnston on Jul 22nd 2014
Where Graffiti Belongs:  Stephen Powers’s A Love Letter to the City

These sentiments almost seem like commercial slogans, but they don’t have a corporate sponsor. Powers believes that his work helps the community, that he is advertising for a product and that product is love. Perhaps that’s why the police in Philadelphia simply offered ESPO and his crew a “Good luck, yo” while they painted a wall during a snowstorm. Prior to becoming a full time artist, Powers worked as editor and publisher for his own magazine, On the Go,... CONTINUE READING

Reading Dyslexie

By: Evan Johnston on Nov 10th 2013
Reading Dyslexie

Dyslexie is a typeface designed by Christian Boer to help dyslexics, using letterforms that are “more bold so that gravity turns the letters the right way up.” The idea that a font can correct something in the mind is an interesting one; we all know the effects of bad typography. What if what we’ve needed all this time to solve illiteracy and dyslexia is some kind of super-typeface? Dyslexie has yet to really sell the world on its literacy-enhancing... CONTINUE READING

Chip Kidd Says “Go”

By: Evan Johnston on Oct 18th 2013
Chip Kidd Says "Go"

He’s even played the part of himself on the soap opera One Life to Live. I first discovered Chip Kidd’s work in Batman Collected, a book of Batman memorabilia. Designed and written by Kidd, Batman Collected opened with a short anecdote where Kidd was about to buy an overpriced and damaged rubbery Batman logo meant to go on the end of a stick; a “floppy thing”, that Kidd admitted was of dubious actual worth but of substantive value to... CONTINUE READING

Go: A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design

By: Evan Johnston on Oct 12th 2013
Go: A Kidd's Guide to Graphic Design

And keeping with tradition, he says that he’s designed over a thousand jackets in Go’s introduction. There are some designers who may be disappointed that Go is written for children, but while the book is written on a fourth grade level, it’s not lacking information. Absolutely no space is wasted—even the copyright page is used to explain the history of the copyright symbol. And every page has Kidd’s wit and verve: “Congratulations, you have decided to open this book,... CONTINUE READING

Aesthetics: A Memoir – Ivan Brunetti

By: Evan Johnston on Aug 12th 2013
Aesthetics: A Memoir - Ivan Brunetti

In four paragraphs, and in a book about cartooning, Brunetti then carefully detailed how to properly prepare spaghetti aglio e oglio. It tells you a lot about Ivan Brunetti; his Italian heritage, his belief in technique and form, his appreciation of simplicity. Above all, that last part is what makes Brunetti as much a graphic designer as a cartoonist. As he notes in the introduction to Aesthetics, his latest book, in his native Italian, “The word disegno literally meant... CONTINUE READING

Sappi Ideas that Matter Calls for 2013 Entries

By: Evan Johnston on Jul 11th 2013
Sappi Ideas that Matter Calls for 2013 Entries

For the last fourteen years, the Sappi Ideas that Matter grant has been awarded to designers who are able to use Sappi’s paper to help communities—in America and overseas. “It’s not so often that a company basically says “make the world a better place on our dime”, says David Rager, whose 2012 booklets for The Ecology Center promoted “dozens of projects anyone can do in their own backyards.” Everything from harvesting rainwater, to pickling, to bicycle care—each booklet “features... CONTINUE READING

Thoughts on Book Expo America 2013

By: Evan Johnston on Jun 26th 2013
Thoughts on Book Expo America 2013

I attended my first Book Expo in 2002, working as a book designer for M. Evans and Company, and have gone about every other year or so, and I’ve attended in Chicago and Los Angeles, although for the last four years the expo has been held in New York. I remember George De Kay, a veteran publisher who passed away in 2003, telling me about the early days, when it was just books on tables. No booths, no author... CONTINUE READING

José Guízar’s Windows of New York Illustrations Reveal Another Side of the City

By: Evan Johnston on Jun 19th 2013
José Guízar’s Windows of New York Illustrations Reveal Another Side of the City

Scrolling through them isn’t like scrolling through any other webpage, the New York part of my brain tries to figure out how far in the city I’ve gone by randomly swiping the trackpad; and the more imaginative side wonders if someone has closed the shutters on 219 East 4th Street since the last time I scrolled by, or if that cat will still be there the next time I refresh the page. Like Jessica Hische’s Daily Dropcap, it’s a... CONTINUE READING

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