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Julia is the Editor and Marketing Director of GraphicDesign.com. With over 7 years experience in marketing and affiliates as well as being fluent in 4 languages, she is accustomed to playing an integral part in all public and consumer communication in developing corporate awareness and publicity.

Julia has authored 93 posts. Website: http://www.graphicdesign.com
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Exciting Times at GraphicDesign.com – Advisory Board growing and next the site re-design!

By: Julia Wild on Mar 7th 2012
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It has been an exciting couple of weeks here at GraphicDesign.com! The GraphicDesign.com Advisory Board is coming on amazingly well. With an enthusiastic team of people and with them coming from different areas of expertise it’s time for us to start the listening. You will have noticed on this blog that we recently introduced a few of our newest board members including Debbie Millman, kHyal, Ilise Benun, Karl Heine, Von Glitschka and Ilene Strizver. Now with over 20 members... CONTINUE READING

Graffiti – Street Art or a Criminal Offence?

By: Julia Wild on Mar 3rd 2012
Graffiti – Street Art or a Criminal Offence?

After reading Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch’s article on Graffiti Art and most recently traveling to Berlin I really started to think about graffiti – is it street art or is it a crime? Some graffiti artists are in jail whilst their work is exhibited in a gallery. How does that make any sense? There is a lot of Graffiti in Berlin and to be honest it is pretty amazing. In the 1980s political slogans and general comments on the current situation... CONTINUE READING

Employment Growth for Graphic Designers

By: Julia Wild on Feb 24th 2012
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Graphic Designers will be pleased to hear that employment within their field is expected to increase by 13% from 2008 to 2018. With half a million jobs in the public relations, advertising and graphic design industry and elevated wages it seems that graphic designers are in a good position. If you have not already read GraphicDesign.com’s latest press release you can read it HERE. Not only does it give you a good overview of the current employment situation but... CONTINUE READING

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