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Kelly is the Boston Team Manager of Vitamin T - a new division of Aquent, the largest creative talent agency in the world. As a tenured Agent and Talent Recruiter with 10 years of making great connections happen, Kelly is an advocate, a matchmaker, a bundle of energy, a storyteller – and most importantly a relationship builder. After several years in IT consulting, Kelly joined Aquent three years ago and dove head first into the wild world of all things WEB! Her focus is recruiting and retaining top Creative Digital Talent for Boston-based clients with a specific focus on Design, Development, Mobile, and content creation.

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Portfolios – The Bare Necessities of Brand Building

By: Kelly Moeller on Jun 12th 2012
Portfolios – The Bare Necessities of Brand Building

Recently I gave a talk with two fabulous women (Jacqueline Stetson and Barbara Millet) at UPA Boston on Portfolios and the need for them. The audience was a mixed group – Designers, Developers, Usability Professionals, and User Experience Designers. The primary resounding theme we found as the talk went on was the concept of “brand.” Let’s discuss this shall we? As a Designer / Developer / Copywriter – are you doing everything you can to truly embody and be... CONTINUE READING

I Just Called to Say – YOU SHOULD HIRE ME! How to ROCK Your Next Phone Screen!

By: Kelly Moeller on Apr 4th 2012
I Just Called to Say - YOU SHOULD HIRE ME!  How to ROCK Your Next Phone Screen!

We’ve received your application and would like to set up an initial phone screen with someone from our office. Will you have some availability this week? You read this line and think: OH GREAT! Round one of potentially 17 more interviews and screens. Who do they have me talking to? Will they know much about the role? What a waste of time!!!! STOP! Literally – FREEZE. Let me tell you something. Phone Screens are an AMAZING introduction to a... CONTINUE READING

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