Ted Leonhardt

Ted Leonhardt has provided management consulting and negotiation training to creative businesses since 2005. He co-founded The Leonhardt Group, a brand design firm in 1985. In 2001 Ted served as Chief Creative Officer for Fitch Worldwide. In 2003 through 2005 Ted was president of Anthem Worldwide, a brand packaging design group.

Ted has authored 2 posts. Website: http://www.tedleonhardt.com
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10 Design Leadership Lessons: Planning Your Future

By: Ted Leonhardt on Jul 25th 2012
10 Design Leadership Lessons: Planning Your Future

My first job out of art school was as a “design illustrator” with the Boeing Company design group. At least I was getting paid to design but almost immediately began looking for a position that would offer more opportunity to grow. I knew what I needed: • A connection to the larger professional community. • A design consultancy with some renown. • A place that challenged me to develop my skills. At Boeing my skills got a real workout... CONTINUE READING

Intuition, How Assumptions Can Lead Us Astray

By: Ted Leonhardt on Jun 19th 2012
Intuition, How Assumptions Can Lead Us Astray

As a designer, I’ve long prided myself on my intuition and ability to “read the writing on the wall.” As I’ve gained experience, and had opportunities to work with many designers who’ve grown their own firms, I’ve learned how common this belief in one’s own intuition is and how easily the assumptions that result can lead one astray. Three examples: My client, Mary, was sure that she’d won an international packaging assignment. Her firm’s experience was an exact match... CONTINUE READING

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