The Graphic Designer’s Business Survival Guide

Type: Graphic Design
# of pages: 240
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It’s no secret that graphic design students are rarely offered any business courses in their education adventure. They learn how to develop their skills as designers, not business people. As such, when a graphic designer decides to strike out on his or her own, they can find themselves lacking. The truth be told, there are loads of very talented designers out there competing against one another. But, it takes more than graphic design talent to be successful.

It also requires the core business and managerial skills all small businesses need to master to be successful. That means a balancing act of wearing many hats including office manager; sales person; bookkeeper; human resources manager; janitor; chief cook and bottle washer, as well as graphic design. It tends to be those who master this art of hat wearing who are successful in the long run.

In his new book, The Graphic Designer’s Business Survival Guide, author and veteran graphic designer, Lawrence “Larry” J. Daniels lays out a practical business path for designers to follow.

Not only does the book come jam-packed with Daniels’ business savvy learned along a career spanning almost 40 years, the author also shares many of his firm’s business forms, as well as insights from seasoned graphic designers and entrepreneurs. Those alone are worth the price of admission.

Daniels provides proven tips, techniques and the business know-how that comes from years of experience. Manning the helm of his business, DanielsDesignConsultants, he’s honed his business practices into a workable and repeatable series of systems and graciously shares them with readers.

Beyond this, within the pages of The Graphic Designer’s Business Survival Guide readers will get a sense that Daniels, like a sage mentor, is looking over their shoulder helping to ensure they don’t fall prey to common business traps.

Readers will also learn how to move out of the freelance feast or famine syndrome and into the position of valued consultant. The Graphic Designer’s Business Survival Guide shows readers how to develop a business mindset, enhance their communication with their clients and build solid relationships. Readers will also come away with new skills for conducting prospect research, crafting spot-on proposals and presentations and making design decisions that are based on facts and truly serve the client.

Whether they have limited experience in the industry or are a well-seasoned pro The Graphic Designer’s Business Survival Guide provides designers at all levels with a handy resource to help them solve their business problems, or simply start off with their best foot forward. Tapping into Daniels’ advice, graphic designers can build their businesses in an effective, sensible manner.

Sure, there will always be challenges, but the business of graphic design becomes a lot easier and less stressful when the owner has the business smarts to ensure food in their stomach and a roof over their head. With a copy of The Graphic Designer’s Business Survival Guide in hand, a graphic designer will be well on their way toward a successful and rewarding career.