Identity Crisis!: 50 Redesigns That Transformed Stale Identities into Successful Brands
Author: Jeff Fisher

Type: Marketing
# of pages: 224
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Within the ever-changing world of business, both large and small, and the multinational corporations, it’s very common for companies or organizations to come to a crossroads as the years pass by. Whether it be that their public image has dampened, they have a desire for an update to include the new and popular progressing trends, or their company logo simply needs to be freshened, it is not unusual for businesses to suffer a graphic “identity crisis” and seek new and creative strategies for corporate success. For clients and designers alike, this process can be challenging as well as frightening and exciting. Once a client has stepped out and made the decision to address their “identity crisis” they have also stepped up with knowing they want an end result that is bold and different. “Successful redesign efforts are great collaborators” and designers with the best knowledge and insight into these necessary branding changes are ideal to all clients, businesses, and organizations.

In his book, Identity Crisis!: 50 Redesigns That Transformed Stale Identities into Successful Brands, Engineer of Creative Identity and renowned design professional Jeff Fisher has put together 50 different redesign case studies of logos, signage and advertising, stationary and menus, packaging, magazines and newsletters, clothing, and websites. The vast number of image examples provided in his book includes one-person business clients, retail companies, major corporations, restaurants, educational institutions, and a vast array of others. This book serves to guide designers how to best handle business makeovers and ensure success for their clients as they face their inevitable “identity crisis”.

Whether you are a student, an active professional in the design or marketing industry, or just a branding junkie, this book is packed with training information and fruitful examples. Fisher tells the story behind each redesign, how the redesign concerns were addressed, and he even shares the process of choosing the current design for each company. Fisher also details the full thought-process of the redesign and provides details of the company history, the company structure, and the desired perception of the company. He also supplies a multitude of before and after makeover images as well as images of additional collateral materials such as letterheads, business cards, promotional materials, window decals, and uniforms just to name a few. And as an exclusive bonus, readers can find many “Words of Wisdom” personal tips from the project designers themselves.

This book is all about real businesses and organizations with realistic goals and solutions to guarantee success. The cover is dynamic and enticing, the layout of the book is both captivating and easy to follow, credits are properly given and easy to find for each redesign and designer, and ample space is provided so readers can clearly see the before and after images and the successes of each redesign. Fisher has created more than just a coffee table book. This book, with more than 500 separate design images, is at best inspirational and a definite must-have for all design and marketing professionals and students.