Instant: The Story of Polaroid

Type: Photography
# of pages: 192
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The Polaroid camera, invented by Edwin Land, made its first public debut in 1948. Land was a hard-working and dedicated American inventor and physicist who founded the revolutionary idea of instant photography. He established the innovative Polaroid Corporation and manufactured the first instant camera; and thus became the era of photography and the desire for instant pictures. Even today in the fast-paced and ever-changing world of digital photography, no one can resist the rare and exciting opportunity to hold that Polaroid picture in their hands and watch the image unveil before their eyes.

Senior editor at New York magazine, Christopher Bonanos, has written a new and captivating book titled Instant: The Story of Polaroid. In his book he tells of the dedicated and passionate life of Dr. Edwin Land. He begins with Land’s upbringing with his mother and father, his childhood years and schooling, as well as his early passions. He also includes the personality traits of Dr. Land, especially those that kept him inspired and devoted to his work. He writes of his hard work and endless dedication and the pursuit of his lifelong dreams.

The book tells the story of how Polaroid was invented and takes you through the evolution of instant photo taking. Bonanos captures the moments of the company’s peeks and remembers the times when the company was losing its vigor. It’s a story of technology and how very little marketing was involved, other than simply showcasing a camera everybody immediately wanted. What once seemed like science fiction, Dr. Land created what no one really new they longed for. Taking photos was a way to caption and remember every moment of one’s life. Edwin Land once said, “Marketing is something you do if your product is no good. Instead, you have to show something to people that they had no idea that they wanted but that is irresistible.” This statement couldn’t be any truer and Dr. Land was brought to life his dream of capturing moments with images.

Bonanos recognizes Dr. Land as the Steve Jobs of today and identifies Polaroid as the Apple of its day. Polaroid has been and still is the touchstone for all photographers and artists. Bonanos conveys the effects of Polaroid even on today’s culture including its influences on the current branding and marketing trends.

Whether you are a Polaroid enthusiast, interested in the career paths of prominent CEOs, or just curious about the history of film and instant photography, this book is both fascinating and inspiring. It’s a fun and informative read – the story of the man, his passion and ideas, and his success with the camera and film, and the excitement of instant photography. The book provides full-color images of Polaroid snapshots and other reproductive photos that mark significant events in history.