Every Week Two Students Anonymously Create Beautiful Chalkboard Quotes

By: Julia Wild on May 16th 2014
Every Week Two Students Anonymously Create Beautiful Chalkboard Quotes

I tried to look into who these designers are but it seems that very few people know: “They’ve been popping up on campus all semester: intricately worked chalkboard messages with one signature, #dangerdust. The article on their college website continues to explain “I recently sat down with the artistic duo and, while I can’t name names, I did get a sense of who these artists are and what drives them. They wish to remain unnamed (although they admit most... CONTINUE READING

Shurong Diao Creates Alphabet From Long Rapunzel-like Hair

By: Julia Wild on Apr 30th 2014
Shurong Diao Creates Alphabet From Long Rapunzel-like Hair

Shurong Diao is a New York based design undergraduate student from the School of Visual Arts and for this particular project she used hair to create ‘hair alphabet’ letter forms. Inspired by Chinese calligraphy style Shurong Diao explains on her porfolio website that she wanted to build a connection between Chinese Characters and the Roman alphabet. And she has done this by substituting black ink on rice paper with long black hair. With Rapunzel-like hair Shurong has created the... CONTINUE READING

10 Tips to Create a Successful Design Brief

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Jan 24th 2014
10 Tips to Create a Successful Design Brief

With more than a decade of experience in the design industry, I have observed many problems that may arise when there is no design brief assigned to a project. For instance, much of the required information may get lost in the middle of the long chain of communication between the client, marketing manager, creative director and, finally, the designer. Some of this information may be as important as the design style, company portfolio, project budget or timeline. Before we... CONTINUE READING

Reading Dyslexie

By: Evan Johnston on Nov 10th 2013
Reading Dyslexie

Dyslexie is a typeface designed by Christian Boer to help dyslexics, using letterforms that are “more bold so that gravity turns the letters the right way up.” The idea that a font can correct something in the mind is an interesting one; we all know the effects of bad typography. What if what we’ve needed all this time to solve illiteracy and dyslexia is some kind of super-typeface? Dyslexie has yet to really sell the world on its literacy-enhancing... CONTINUE READING

7 Deadly Typeface Usage “Sins”

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Aug 26th 2013
7 Deadly Typeface Usage "Sins”

In a previous series of articles, I tried to shed light on the two main typeface scripts in human history, which are the Latin scripts and the Arabic calligraphy scripts: Creative Examples of Calligraphy Art Arabic Calligraphy in Contemporary Design Along with this long history, typeface is the initial and most important visual element in your design that delivers the design message to the audience. Unlike the other visual elements in a design, typefaces are used to visualize the... CONTINUE READING

Creativity and UX: the Beauty and the Beast

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Aug 8th 2013
Creativity and UX: the Beauty and the Beast

Do not blame me or other creative designers because when we have an art background, we are used to using maximum creativity inside the artwork. I have read an article a few years ago in Adobe’s Design Center about style versus design by Jeffrey Zeldman, who put an end to the long time confusion about the difference between design and styling. Since then, design has had a wider meaning by controlling the major visual elements on a website or... CONTINUE READING

Breaking the Code of Golden Ratio in Design

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Jul 18th 2013
Breaking the Code of Golden Ratio in Design

So, when starting to build a creative idea, you should only focus on the idea itself and then think about how it conforms to the design rules later. The reason is very simple, the creative idea is the core of your design and none of the rules are able to invalidate a unique concept. Furthermore, some of the most famous and beloved logos break some rules that are thought to be deviant by many designers. What is the Golden... CONTINUE READING

Super Realistic Pencil Drawing Examples

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Jun 7th 2013
Super Realistic Pencil Drawing Examples

Pencil drawings depend mainly on graphite pencils that have different shapes and manufacturers, though some artists use graphite and other pencils, such as charcoal pencils in the same artwork. Generally, the materials used in pencils vary from graphite pencils, charcoal pencils, carbon pencils, colored pencils, and watercolor pencils. Before we dig into some of the most amazing pencil drawing artwork, let us learn some fun facts about pencil drawings that some of us already use without knowing the rule... CONTINUE READING

Beyond Perfect: Typography Master Alan Kitching at Monotype

By: Evan Johnston on May 21st 2013
Beyond Perfect: Typography Master Alan Kitching at Monotype

“This has no foundation to it, it just appears,” said Alan Kitching, holding up an elegant poster near the podium where he spoke. He was talking about the type on the poster, which had been set, like almost everything in the last twenty years, on a computer. Kitching spoke as part of Monotype’s Pencils to Pixels series—a lecture series which talked about the history and future of graphic design, although he said in referring to his work, “Pencils to... CONTINUE READING

A Web Designer’s Guide to Color (Part One)

By: Matt Cannon on May 3rd 2013
A Web Designer's Guide to Color (Part One)

Color has numerous psychological effects on the brain. The choices a designer makes for a website can play heavily on the way the audience reacts to the site. Color invokes emotion through visual stimulation, and brings depth to design. Colors can even be audience specific, such as age or gender. It can be overwhelming to deal with at first but not to worry I have laid out five tips that will help you avoid any future color disasters. Look... CONTINUE READING

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