Where Graffiti Belongs: Stephen Powers’s A Love Letter to the City

By: Evan Johnston on Jul 22nd 2014
Where Graffiti Belongs:  Stephen Powers’s A Love Letter to the City

These sentiments almost seem like commercial slogans, but they don’t have a corporate sponsor. Powers believes that his work helps the community, that he is advertising for a product and that product is love. Perhaps that’s why the police in Philadelphia simply offered ESPO and his crew a “Good luck, yo” while they painted a wall during a snowstorm. Prior to becoming a full time artist, Powers worked as editor and publisher for his own magazine, On the Go,... CONTINUE READING

12 Useful Websites Where Designers Can Download Free Stock Photos

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Mar 19th 2014
12 Useful Websites Where Designers Can Download Free Stock Photos

On the other hand, some projects have such limited budgets that they cannot cover the price of stock photos. Those include personal projects and pilot projects. In these low-payment or no-payment projects, another route should be taken to find resources for the design project. Yes, it is the free route. There are many websites that provide free stock photos with different license plans. For example, some websites allow use of stock photos for both personal and commercial projects, while... CONTINUE READING

Go: A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design

By: Evan Johnston on Oct 12th 2013
Go: A Kidd's Guide to Graphic Design

And keeping with tradition, he says that he’s designed over a thousand jackets in Go’s introduction. There are some designers who may be disappointed that Go is written for children, but while the book is written on a fourth grade level, it’s not lacking information. Absolutely no space is wasted—even the copyright page is used to explain the history of the copyright symbol. And every page has Kidd’s wit and verve: “Congratulations, you have decided to open this book,... CONTINUE READING

“Digital Design Essentials” Book Review and Q&A with Raj Lal

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Sep 7th 2013
“Digital Design Essentials” Book Review and Q&A with Raj Lal

A quick look at the table of contents shows the range of topics covered—from why the UI behind Microsoft’s Notepad application is successful to how iPhone’s Instagram application creates a “seamless” user experience through complete integration with the device itself, to perhaps less commonly encountered UI challenges such as Yupp TV’s 10-foot interface. Described on the back cover as a “comprehensive, cross-disciplinary encyclopedia of user interface (UI) design,” “Digital Design Essentials” does not disappoint. Through 100 annotated examples, each... CONTINUE READING

Aesthetics: A Memoir – Ivan Brunetti

By: Evan Johnston on Aug 12th 2013
Aesthetics: A Memoir - Ivan Brunetti

In four paragraphs, and in a book about cartooning, Brunetti then carefully detailed how to properly prepare spaghetti aglio e oglio. It tells you a lot about Ivan Brunetti; his Italian heritage, his belief in technique and form, his appreciation of simplicity. Above all, that last part is what makes Brunetti as much a graphic designer as a cartoonist. As he notes in the introduction to Aesthetics, his latest book, in his native Italian, “The word disegno literally meant... CONTINUE READING

The Graphic Designer’s Business Survival Guide

By: Neil Tortorella on Jun 18th 2013
The Graphic Designer’s Business Survival Guide

The truth be told, there are loads of very talented designers out there competing against one another. But, it takes more than graphic design talent to be successful. It also requires the core business and managerial skills all small businesses need to master to be successful. That means a balancing act of wearing many hats including office manager; sales person; bookkeeper; human resources manager; janitor; chief cook and bottle washer, as well as graphic design. It tends to be... CONTINUE READING

Is Your Head in the Cloud?

By: Neil Tortorella on May 23rd 2013
Is Your Head in the Cloud?

Adobe offers a variety of subscription levels for Creative Cloud. The 30-day free trial provides 2GB of storage, but allows for only limited access to the array of applications. Its standard $49.99 US/month “Complete Individual” subscription provides full versions of Adobe® Photoshop®, Illustrator®, Acrobat®, and more, along with full access to services to help subscribers create mobile-ready content and apps; 20GB of cloud storage for file sharing and collaboration. It does, however, require an annual commitment that is billed... CONTINUE READING

The Art of the Ambigram: An Interview with Nikita Prokhorov

By: Neil Tortorella on Mar 20th 2013
The Art of the Ambigram: An Interview with Nikita Prokhorov

For the uninformed, an ambigram is a word, art form or other symbolic representation, whose elements retain meaning when viewed or interpreted from a different direction, perspective, or orientation. There are various forms of ambigrams including rotational, mirror-image, chain, symbiotograms, 3-D and perceptual shift among others. The earliest known non-natural ambigram dates back to 1893 in works created by artist Peter Newell. Newell published two books of invertible illustrations, in which the picture turns into a different image entirely... CONTINUE READING

Sign Painters by Faythe Levine, Ed Ruscha and Sam Macon – A Review

By: Evan Johnston on Dec 4th 2012
Sign Painters by Faythe Levine, Ed Ruscha and Sam Macon - A Review

“It’s not science, but it’s beautiful and all artists recognize this” says Ed Ruscha in his forward to Sign Painters, a book about hand painted signs and the people who create them. And yet sign painting must be a science—the spacing, the embellishments, brushwork, the fluidity of the type. Hand painted signs were once just signs, but now in an era of Photoshop and Illustrator, they’re something else—they’re a mark that says that someone cared enough to get something... CONTINUE READING

Squarespace 6: Beautiful, Flexible Websites Made Easy

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Jul 24th 2012
Squarespace 6: Beautiful, Flexible Websites Made Easy

For designers, bloggers or anyone searching for easy-to-use, yet incredibly sophisticated website creation and hosting, a solution may be in sight. Last Friday Squarespace officially announced the release of Squarespace 6, an extensive overhaul of their previous platform, which adds 50 new features to their core service sure to please even the finickiest critic. Counted among the new features are a highly intuitive, drag n’ drop site-building interface called LayoutEngine which dynamically aligns and resizes content to a perfect... CONTINUE READING

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