How to Fix Red Eye in Photoshop

By: James George on Feb 14th 2012
How to Fix Red Eye in Photoshop

We have all been there. You are shooting great shots of a scene or an event, and you look in your view finder, like the shot, and move on to the next one. After the festivities, you go back and look at your shots, and find that your subject has red eye. This used to be a huge problem to fix in Photoshop, because they didn’t have a tool to immediately remove red eye. This changed in CS5, though... CONTINUE READING

Working with Perspective in Illustrator

By: James George on Jan 31st 2012
Working with Perspective in Illustrator

Illustrator is an excellent tool for creating design work and professional illustrations. It is chock full of tools to make your life easier when creating vector illustrations, type treatments, cartoons and more, but for years, one of the toughest challenges when working inside of Adobe Illustrator was creating an illustration using perspective. You could literally spend hours setting up guides to keep your work aligned in perspective. Now, creating work in perspective inside of Adobe Illustrator is quick and... CONTINUE READING

The Right Way to Add a Stroke to Text in Illustrator

By: James George on Jan 18th 2012
The Right Way to Add a Stroke to Text in Illustrator

In all aspects of graphic design, the purpose is to communicate a message to your audience. This means that we have to call attention to our text by adding different effects to our typefaces. Some designers add glow effects, some, add drop shadows, but another important method in calling attention to our text is to add a stroke around our typeface. Of course, this is mainly meant for headers and display type, such as a title or large text.... CONTINUE READING

Smart Adjustment Layers with Photoshop

By: James George on Dec 28th 2011
Smart Adjustment Layers with Photoshop

Photoshop is synonymous with image editing, and with the addition of adjustment layers to its arsenal, Photoshop has even more flexibility than ever before. For the addition of adjustment layers, when you would edit an image, you would have to duplicate the original layer for safe keeping, and when you made an adjustment to its Hue/Saturation, Color balance, or any of the other adjustment settings, they were permanent. To go back and edit them, you would have to use... CONTINUE READING

Photoshop Hue Saturation Tutorial

By: James George on Dec 21st 2011
Photoshop Hue Saturation Tutorial

Color is an essential part of any design. The right color can invoke the right mood and set the entire tone of a design piece. Cool tones can have a calming or tranquil effect, a saddening effect, and give you the feeling of being cold. Warm tones can give you a sense of warmth, happiness, and can give you the sense of feeling angry, or parched. With this in mind, it is important to know how to correct colors... CONTINUE READING

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